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Ice skating in Norwich

Can anyone please suggest any ice skating venues ? Many thanks.


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Sheila A
Hi Paul, unfortunately the only ice rink in Norwich closed down several months ago. So i'm not sure where the nearest one is. You might have to go further afield like Cambridge or Essex. It's a great shame that the only one in Norfolk closed. I'm sure there people out there that know of one.
Think there is one in Peterborough
Think there is one in Peterborough, check it out.
Wendy M
Oasis Sports & Leisure Centre - Eco-Ice-Skating Try this Paul.
Avril W
Well, once upon a time we had an ice rink at the Forum for Christmas; then sadly we were fobbed off with a large Christmas tree instead.  Very original.  Not even enjoying going near the Forum now; I get covered in foamy fake snow.  Yuk!  I loved the skating outside the Forum; bring it back!!
Jonathan H H
I heard about that too.  Sounded great.  Much better than the tree or snowdome.
Yes bring back the ice skating outside the Forum, am fed up with councils!
Paul M
brilliant ... the winter after the ice ring is closed ... i decided to go skating ... lols

thanks all for your contribution ...

actually was thinking of Peterborough before asking you guys ... but paying at least 20 quid each time I fancy a bit  of skating (15 for the bus and 5 for the rest) ... ouch ... a bit off putting for my pocket at least

was there a ring outside the Forum ??? such a beeep idea to replace it with a damn tree instead ...
Francesca S
Well, the pavements and the road in front of my house could be used to skate at the it's in the shadow all day and not gritted.
Well if it gets any colder you could use the Broads in Whittlingham Country Park. (joke)
Paul M
when was the last time the river froze ?

might try it if desperate :P
June M
There was some talk of getting the Norwich one reopened. A good friend of mine and her daughter used to love it. They were very upset when it closed, as i think were many.

A campaign to get it reopened is going on somewhere, but dont know how far its got.
Sheila A
If i remember rightly, it was closed because of the ice and what it was laid on was condemned and would have been too costly for them to repair. So I'm not sure if it will ever open again.

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