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Digitial TV reception

Rossi in Baylham
Dear all,

I've been living in Great Blakenham for the last 3 weeks now and loving it, however-

One question I do have is:

How do people in the area find the digital TV reception?  I seem to be able to pick up some of the Freeview channels, but can't seem to get BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4 and C5.  It looks like some of my neighbours TV aerials are pointing in a different direction to my house, but my next door neighbour is pointing in the same direction as ours.

I know it's not a problem with the TV's because at our previous house, all 3 TV's were able to show the above channels, so I am assuming it's to do with our aerial position, signal strength and/or the aerial needs upgrading.

It's not a major problem as we have Sky TV, but the house is has aerial sockets in the bedrooms so it would be nice to be able to watch terrestrial TV in our bedroom etc. 

Thanks in advance.


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