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Looking for someone to repair PC

I am looking for someone who can repair PC hardware/software problems around Heathgate area, any recommendations?



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Patrick F
Norwich computers at the top end of magdalern  street
are good you pay them £20/30 and they check it out
then tell you how much it will cost to fix it

phone Norwich 01603 765659

I do not work for this firm I use them when my pc pack up
Patrick F
PS the £20/30 come of the final bill
Angela R
I use and work do also, a chap called Adrian 079569 11434
Wendy M
Have you tried MicroShack in Dixons Centre in Hellesdon.
They will look at your PC free of charge and then quote.
They are very reasonable in price.
Paul P 

I offer free fault diagnosis instore.

01603 466333
I'm with needpcrepair
Hayley G
I would recommend Paul. I have used him several times and he has always sorted out problems with various machines. He is
friendly, efficient and always charges reasonable rates.

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