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demise of Barking town centre

Rob G in Barking
Yesterday I went into Barking for the first time in months to get a haircut,I don't often go into the centre as it is not my home town ( Hornchurch) but I have worked in Barking since 1967 and I find that it is so sad that a once thriving town has now become a boarded up shop shopping centre.When I first started work our business was in what was known as Chester Terrace at the top of Park Avenue (anyone remember Albons garage before it became Eddy Grinsteads?), and even that part of Barking never had any closed shops for quite a few years. I know the weather has an affect on retail but yesterday apart form Vicarage Field the streets were desolate.As well as a lot if industry has gone even from around were we are now in North Street and there are now only two of us left.                  So sad

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