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Stuff for Free: Community Reuse Event :Give Weekend This Saturday/Sunday

Linda G in Angel
Stuff for Free redistributes items which still have life. 

This helps reduce landfill, stops fly-tipping, clears clutter, furnishes homes and makes people happy – all for free! If you have too much stuff cluttering up your home, bring it along and you can rest assured it will all be used again. 

You can bring just about anything: sports equipment, books, toys, furniture, clothing, electricals, kitchen gadgets and bric-a-brac. 
We cannot accept: food, plants, animals, chemicals, tyres, gas canisters, fire extinguishers or needles, for health and safety reasons. 

Who should come: Anyone who wants to clear out any clutter or pick up something they need for free. 

How it works: We want to bring the community together and show that what is one person’s clutter is another’s treasure. We want to save tonnes of perfectly usable stuff from being thrown away. 

On the give day, our staff and volunteers welcome people with any stuff they are willing to donate. Later, we sort through the items & put them on display ready for the take weekend. The take weekend will have a festival like atmosphere, with many stalls to explore and a children’s play area. Our take days are a chance for you to find something interesting and in the past we have found homes for tables, TVs, curtains, carpets and much more completely for free. 

Why: Every year, thousands of tonnes of waste are sent to landfill unnecessarily. This is having a negative effect on the environment so we need to make some changes in the way we think about resources and waste. That’s why we developed Stuff for Free; an innovative project that finds new homes for unwanted items and reduces landfill. By reusing things instead of throwing them away we can make a difference, creating positive change for the planet. 

Give stuff Sat 23rd & Sun 24th Feb 11AM-3PM 
Give stuff Wednesday 27th Feb 11AM-3PM 
Take stuff Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Mar 11AM-3PM 

Unit 1 City Forum, 250 City Road, London, EC1V 2PU 
(entrance on Macclesfield Rd) 


Camen Gupta 
Operations Manager/Head Gardener 
Tel: +44 (0) 203 405 2485 
Read more about Healthy Planet 

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