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Thank you

On behalf of Lowestoft AID and ASSIST may I please give a big thank you to Councillor BILL MOUNTFORD.
He has kindly donated £300.00 to our cause.
This will allow our carpenter to be able to work in a much better environment.


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Valerie G
Bill Mountford also has the grateful thanks of Adam Outreach Project, a charity for the homeless, because he raised funds for us in Hope House which made it possible for me to have my own quarters as i am live-in manager. Thank you Bill!
Jane D
A personal donation from a councillor? How many of our local councillors do that? Well done Bill Mountford.
Malcolm P
I expect it was from his locality budget not from him personally!
Stacy G
But again not many like parting with it!
Malcolm P
Hi  Only County Councillors have a locality budget District councillors do not.
Lez P
Why so negative?
Applaud the kindness and think of the good that will be achieved.
I don't see you offering any thing.
I think its a case of put up or shut up.
Malcolm P
I'm not a county councillor and so far have only managed to get a part time job!
Lez P
Hi Malcolm and every one.
I appreciate your circumstances, as I'm sure many do.
You clearly can not donate money but how about your time and or unwanted items?
Hope things pick up for you.
Best regards.
I can tell you that most Councillors have spent up their Locality Budgets. There is one with a lot left, but as we have asked for funding, I don't think naming him would help. I would also publicly thank Cllr Barnard for his help from his Locality Budget.

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