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Brake Caliper Specialists in Norwich?

Can anyone recommend me a Brake Caliper Specialists in Norwich?

Need the seized caliper to be serviced, etc.

Thnaks all.


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Jeremy C
you might as well go to quick fit, chances are you'll need a new caliper if it can't be freed off.  Or try Hi Q - Drouro Place, they are very good
Tony S
Assuming you meant to type in Kwik Fit then I wouldn't touch them if they paid me!! :)

Never heard of Hi Q, will contact them and see what they can do.

Jeremy C
Yes, Kwik Fit.  I was surprised, but they managed to free off the rear calliper on my Volvo 850 which had been seized for about a year, and I was just (slightly overcharged) charged for a new set of rear pads which was the only cost.  HiQ are very good.  What car is it and is it front or rear calliper?
Tony S
It's a Ford Focus 2003 and it's rear caliper.
Jeremy C
are you trying to fit new pads yourself?  The pistons on these have to be wound in (clockwise?) in order to retract them, there's probably a special tool for the job.
Tony S

When using pedal brake, it works fine. When using the handbrake, the brakes are not being applied. I checked and the cable is fine. It might be the handbrake mechanism within the caliper that is jammed.

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