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Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could clear the paths in front of their own properties (and possibly those of neighbours who are unable to do so), like we used to in the "old days".  It would certainly help everyone get around their villages. 

Also, perhaps it would be good if parents could stop their children from using the minor roads as toboggan runs which are making them even more hazardous than they need to be.  I know the children want to enjoy themselves in the snow but a trip to the playing fields or local parks would be better than playing in the road.

Thanks should be given to village shops who, in my experience, are doing their best to keep stocks replenished and look after local people's needs.   A real sense of community.


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Julie H
Apparently it is law in some countries to clear your paths.  People here are probably afraid they will be sued if someone slips on a cleared path.  What a shame it has come to this.
Tony S
Julie is correct... someone a few years ago cleared a path and someone slipped. They sued the council. Council said they never cleared the path, did the investigation and it turned out to be the neighbour who cleared the path. Neighbour got sued and the person who slipped won the case.

Now everyone are too scared to do that.
Matthew G
Tony sorry I don't believe you. Do you have any evidence that this happened, a newspaper story or similar from the time?

There are lots of stories floating around of people who supposedly got sued but I've never found one which was actually true.
Richard D
On tv last I saw a report where a council were issuing snow shovels and residents  were happy to be doing it and quote "you cant expect councils to do everything" was the response from the  person interviewed.What is the snow situation in Long Stratton as I have to travel there today from Gt Yarmouth where there has not been too much this week except about 2ins on Friday.
Julie H
Hi Richard, I think the main roads will be clear.  We didn't get the heavy snow that was forecast yesterday for here and I am assuming that Long Stratton area didn't get it either.  Have a safe journey.
Tony S
Hi Matthew, you do not have to believe me - I am just passing on what others has told me, including the council themselves.

The wordings of "you may be sued" or "you will be at risk of being sued" is enough to put off a lot of people from doing it.

Even my workplace refuses to clear out the public footpath next to my work because of this.

I blame the H&S madness out there...
Matthew G
Tony, either you have some evidence that there has ever been a successful lawsuit brought against a resident who cleared a pavement of snow or you don't

If you do please share it. If you don't you're just sharing rumour and gossip and presenting it as fact, which is highly misleading.

Which person or department at the council told you this, and when? I am happy to follow up with then to find out the details.

Everyone is always at risk of getting sued - the important question is whether you are at risk of losing!
Anna G
I saw someone yesterday happily clearing snow off the path infront of his drive and depositing it on the main road. The road was clear appart from the heap he had just moved! No thought for cyclists or motorists.
Val K
The quote 'you can't understand someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes' (apologies for any misquote) most certainly applies.  If that person had ever cycled or driven, they wouldn't have done it.  Just a bit thoughtless whilst thinking he/she was being thoughtful.

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