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Anyone know what they are doing to the River Cottage canteen. I don't like the colour much


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Di S
Refurb,  Hoping that revolting colour is just the undercoat!
Frances S
Don't think it is because the signage is all up too!
carpet man
It's about as attractive as a baked hedgehog
Frances S
Which is probably on Hugh's menu!  Seriously, it  just doesn't stand out like the old livery.
Di S
It's revolting!  I never go in there anyway, the prices are as hideous as that colour!
Paula C
I thought it was the undercoat!
Holly T
I think it looks very "Notting Hill" - all we need now is Hugh Grant sitting in the window with his latte!!
Frances S
mm... now you mention it, I thought I saw somebody resembling him buying bread last week! Ha Ha.
Tell you what, I shall inspect it today, and if Hugh Fearnley_Eatitall is there, I shall tell him the opinion of the street life contributors"
Holly T
Go for it!  I shall carry on avoiding the place!!
Frances S
Ah Holly, this is just in the interest of consumer research! Coffee at Whitty's!

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