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Feel good friday

Lots of positive things go on in this area and borough and thought friday could be a great day to share something that made you smile or made you feel good this week or recently.about our community. Mine to share for those that didnt see it comes from the front page of the ilford recorder where the kids from Forest school stopped to help a collapsed person in the street and got an ambulance to the scene. Lets start celebrating and sharing the good things people do!


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Jill B
When I walk past a pretty, quirky, or friendly cat I  break out into a spontaneous !  I'm not a lonely old soul and have people in my life but they all seem to have problems which I end up sharing whether I like it or not.  

The sight of a cat - especially one you don't have to feed and take to the vets is one of God's free gifts and just puts a smile on my face giving me a "quick fix" to counterbalance the burdens that I and everyone else seem to be carrying nowadays.
Jill B
Hi - I know it's not Friday but I'd like to say thanks to our street cleaners who make our life bearable, and to our refuse collectors who are a stalwart and stoical lot, putting up with a lot of thoughtlessness in the way rubbish is presented.   I have the greatest respect for both these groups of workers!
Desmond G
Yep I totally agree. Great bunch for the last few years. Happy, smiling and doing a great job!

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