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Motorbike Moped


I am looking for a Motorbike Style Restricted Moped. Needs to be possible to recover to pristine condition (Resprays,,Engine sripdown / recondition etc) I have 15 months until my grandsons 16th birthday and as I was a lifelong biker until 10 years ago (Bypass Surgery etc) and It would give me an interesting project to get it ready for him. Thanks.


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Rachel S inactive
I have got a Lifan monkey bike, was a 50cc but was bored out to be a 70cc, it would really benefit from being put back to a 50cc which would make for an intersting project. The parts can be sourced from Chinese Motorcycle Parts .com and they have proved reliable to us, it would need a respray as it's matt black all over at the moment. leather in good condition, needs a new speedo cable, engine ticks over nicely and starts well on kick start, it's a 2005 model, I bought it as a joke anniversary present for my husband who had sold his 750cc VFR to fund my kitchen, so I bought this for him to fill the gap, but it's ended up not being used much due to its size, but it's a great runner, and once down to a 50cc would be pittance on insurance. bit more character than these speed fights with no poke in them.

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