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Raised Pavement to The Knowle

The parkland is enclosed by metal fencing.  The raised pavement adjacent to the road,in parts is quite high with no fencing?  

To encourage people to use this land, it should be opened up, perhaps the metal fencing could go along the raised pavement side, so if anybody did slip or fall they would not go onto the road.

I use the cut through on occasions, but it would help me if there were more entry points on to this land.


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Olly O inactive
I Agree.

At present gives an impression of "keep out" - private land.
Nick B
Def agree Olly. Iv'e lived here in Sidmouth for 10 years now and sad to say/admit I didn't even know the park was a public one until all the controversy cocerning the Knowle..I wonder how many others hadn't realised we have a beautiful park there which anyone can use?
barking mad
not helped byt the sign placed by the council giving the impression that there is no right of way into the park. but I believe there is a movement to get the path reinstated as a right of way. maybe there should be a sign at the bottom of knowle drive to show where the park is.
Olly O inactive
I don't think the S.O.S/East Devon District Council people can have it both ways - either it is a public open space - which it should be opened up - not enclosed.  I can remember culling or rabbits not so long ago and the objections when the park was used for the Caribbean Night.

I think the people of Stowford would love to have this space on their doorstep.

I was given a leaflet by S.O.S. stating they wish to object to three storey town houses being built - can't have it both ways, town houses take up less land than bungalows or detached houses.  Is this all to do with the "type" in more senses of the word?
Pining Lass
I think the railings are there so that kids can play in safety and dogs can be let off the lead without fear of them running/falling into traffic.
I have always felt that the railings provide a lovely sense of 'a special place' which is different from the openness of the shore or the Byes.

I think the problem with three storey houses is that they are very tall and a bit overwhelming when placed on top of a hill.
Jackie G
SOS not against housing! Against more second homes/ luxury homes, and unnecessary loss of parkland.
In favour of homes which are affordable for working people and families, and for oldies wanting to downsize.  So-called  'affordable homes' churned out by developers, often aren't !  

You can see pictures, coming soon,  of how much Knowle Parkland will be covered in concrete, on and
Both sites constantly updated.
Nick B
How many people actually use the parkland as opposed to how many shops and businesses in the town would benefit from more families of shoppers living there? I agree a definate NO to second homes, but affordable housing for families and elderly a definate YES .
Jackie G
Unfortunately, such a prime site won't end up with affordable homes. Developers don't see things that way!
Pining Lass
I agree Jackie.
The application says they will be widely spaced to reflect the surrounding area. The sustainable housing thing is a red herring, they will 'buy it off' just like Fortfield/Sanditon did.
Anne V inactive
Is it just me or does this thread seem out of place?  I mean, we marched down to protest against desecrating the Knowle one week and the next we suggest bringing in the bulldozers to rip out the antique railings?  I don't see much conservation spirit here, apart from Pining lass.  *Shakes head in disbelief*
Tell It As It Is inactive
I tend to agree ................. there does seem to be a confused sense of direction.
Jackie G
As Tell It As It Is says, lots of confusing rumours around.
For true picture, please keep checking updates on, and 
And talking of pics, there are two before and after views of Knowle parkland today, at top of SIN blog.It's EDDC who plan to bulldoze the Knowle railings,and much more...

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