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Balcony railings fitter

Hi there,
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a balcony railings fitter? We are looking for either glass screen or metal railings to fit our balcony.

Many thanks in advance!


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Michael Z
There is a company on Archway Rd opposite Highgate Underground called Tilleys. They recently made a staircase balustrade for my front steps and I found them to be very professional and good. Their website is
Lucie Rayner
Hello, I can also recommend Tilleys, who fitted some decorative metal railings on our balcony a couple of years ago.
Val P
I had Nicky Moran fit wrought iron railings six years ago And his mobile no . Is 07980972240 home 02086321069.He did a good job so hope he's still around!
Ann M
Can anyone recommend a good gardener & what do they charge?

Also  = beware of a woman who come to the door saying she "is a neighbour & has locked herself out". She is  A CON WOMAN & I have reported her to the police. She is very plausible, so BEWARE.

She conned me fo money & i am usually very on the ball.
Giordana B

Hello...good morning.....please let me know if you have not arranged your metal work and I will send you an email record of phone numbers as I am abroad. Recommending anybody to anybody is impossible----too many variables.  Sefton Brown has done all my metal work and been my only builder-companion since 1983 or so.  I hope that says it all and judging a book by its cover is seldom useful.. . Wishing you well.....linda



LONDON NW5                           

Carissa B inactive
Hi Linda
I would be interested in finding out more about the metal work. I just bought a property and looking for unique features to be made. Thanks Carissa

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