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Givng up disposable plastic for Lent- Milk in glass bottles??

Jonathan H H in Cringleford
I'm refraining from and trying to give up completely, disposable plastic for Lent.  Having unmindfully bought 3 food items yesterday and opened them before realising they were plastic packaged, I was on my way to buy a pint of milk at our local shop when I realise they only sell plastic bottles and so I couldn't.
I've really struggled with the milkandmore website to get milk from the milkman. Further, I would like to support smaller dairies/ farms.  Is there anywhere around nr4 7 where you can buy milk in bottles? Or straight from the cow?
Plastic is everywhere and doesn't degrade.  all the plastic ever made an all that will be made is still out there.  This is my small effort to put my money where my mouth is.  I was inspired to give it up for Lent by a Jesuit priest from Cambodia.  This is a link to an interview with him.

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