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Streetlights again

I am still feeling a little short-changed by the lights being turned out in my street after midnight, I am often home late from work and also have to park several streets away from my house at this time of night so I have to stumble about in the dark whilst the centre of town, where they pay the same council tax is flooded with light.

Is it not possible to turn every other street light off uniformly after midnight to achieve much better economy without jeopardizing anyone's safety?


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Alexandra B
That is what I have been saying since the lights went off. Every other light being turned off will save money but still leave enough light. I worry when I go out, not just about being attacked in the dark but also the risk of falling over as I cannot see the floor. Also with the amount of dog poo about, I'm almost guaranteed to step in it.
Walking down Henslow Road the other night, I almost fell over a pile of road works barriers that have just been left laying across the pavement. If it wasn't for the fact it was next to a driveway, I would have had to go in the road.
Sally C
I was a bit surprised when coming home on weds night at just after midnight, all the minor streetlights in Ipswich were already off, I thought they were switched off at 2am or somewhat later - at this time of year midnight is not unusual for partygoers and late night cinema going home etc
Alexandra B
It's always been 12, at least it has been up this side of town.
Holly P
How about taking a torch with you and using it? I can't help feeling that it's better without the lights as it's been shown that they encourage criminals to be out and about.
I will happily take a torch if I get a reduction in my council tax for the inconvenience. But as people are saying, it is really unpleasant stumbling about in the dark when the solutions are available to turn off alternative lights or even have movement sensors on them so that:

A) Law abiding, tax paying people get what they pay for.

B) there is an overall energy and money saving

C) The thought of getting caught is one of the best deterrents for criminals and lighting them up is a very good way to do it, hence the phrase 'security lights'.
Reg S
  •         Do what. I did.       had the same problem in Howard st I rang my councillor sandy I was removed In a couple of days but why are these so called private contractor allowed to behave like cowboy builders. Cut there prices then they would behave
Reg S
Witch leave the biggest carbon foot print the power station or making   of a battery      
Alexandra B
Batteries are expensive and as I am off work sick and not receiving any benefit and still paying 42% of my council tax, I feel I have the right to moan.

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