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Does anyone have any old bricks lying around or know of where i can get some at a reasonable price. I want to build a BBQ so probably need approx 100. Plus can anyone recommend a tree surgeon - have got some big old trees that need a good prune.


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Bill T inactive
Karen i would make sure you get  some "engineering bricks" to build your bbq as i built one a few years ago from ordinary house bricks and it crumbled away after a few years:)
Mick A inactive
I have quite few having knocked a wall down in my garden. Some are still stuck together but there will be more than enough I imagine. The wall was 5 ft tall by 4 ft square and still one more to come down! You are more than welcome to them as they have been waiting for me to find a way of getting rid of them.
Karen E
Thanks Mick that sounds great. I could pick them up any day next week except for Mon or Fri. I've only got a hatchback so would need to do a couple of trips. If we exchange phone numbers then we could organize a time to suit you. Mine is 01842 630498

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