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Cottages photo now resolved

It is now confirmed that these cottages stood where Revetts motor bike shop was built along Norwich road.The chimney in the distance belonged to the tannery (turners) off the Bramford road ....Cherie on facebook wrote .......My hubby remembers walking past these cottages every day on the way to a little fruit shop just past them and confirms you are right, they were where Revetts was


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James M
So that other photo showing a similar chimney but beside Stoke Bridge was just a coincidence :)
Andy A inactive
The picture spotty dog posted was of old stoke bridge and I believe was posted because he thought it may have some connection which it didnt
James M
It was a similar chimney.  May have been built by the same company.
Pamela D
Amazing old photo so much of old Ipswich needs to be preserved, interesting archives.

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