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Anyone had trouble with people cutting them up when using this roundabout? I live on Scrattons Farm Estate and when coming from heathway or asda I have had several near misses because people swerve from lane going to barking into lane for choats road or our estate to try to beat the lights. After complaints they put an arrow signal but its just ignored. They need to put a camera up and fine all the people that do it before someone gets seriously hurt


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Pam D
I use that junction a lot coming from Thames View along the back road and it can be a real nightmare.

Yes the swerving from the A13 lane to go the back way often happens; it's a wonder there aren't more accidents there.

Added to all that the "beautiful" artscapes that were dumped there years ago are a complete eyesore and half the time hatch covers are up on them which has to be dangerous when kids play there, which they do regularly.
Dee S
I also hate that roundabout,Barbara, its very dangerous and have been cut up too, now from Asda I go via Heathway but I have a choice you dont iving on Scrattons Farm, I also dont like joining the A13 from there that can be  hazardous too. We call it The Witches Tit roundabout whoever designed it should have been shot.
Daisy D
I agree I use this roundabout everyday on my way to work I have noticed it is drivers trying to get to the A13 and are taking the quickest route ie which traffic lights are green they wait until the very last minute to switch lanes I have nearly lost the side of my car many times
Pauline A
We live on Scrattons Farm Estate and we say the same as you Barbara everytime we use the roundabout, it needs a camera thats for sure.
Barbara N
agree with you all but what can we do about it?
Pam D
Well we could all contact the council - possibly Liam Smith as leader and copy in Cameron Geddes who's ward this comes in and tell them our concerns.

Obviously they don't use this junction and until we tell them they won't know.

I'm going to do mine now so if everyone else does the same they'll get the message.

We need to keep this going.
Pam D
Forgot to say, also include the Safer Neighbourhood Team for the area:; they need to be involved in this.
Rob G
Yes we come that way every day and have seen some near misses,people jump the light,swerve in and out of lanes.Andf I like Dee's comment about a Witches Tit!!!
Dee S
thank you Rob lets face it it is an eyesore, a child of three could have designed something better.
Barbara N
will do mine today, may copy to Dagenham Post also
Dee S
is there some way we can contact Liam Smith and show him our comments, sorry I am not very "computer clever" but I am taking free adult college lessons, new course starts nexr Monday, we have a lovely tutor called Sue Ryder.But if someone could forward him our replies it might do some good before someone gets killed.
Pam D
I think the Dagenham Post read this anyway so might pick up on it; I'll e.mail them anyway to make sure.
Barbara N
thanks Pam,  Dee you can write to him at civic centre
Good Luck with trying to get something done with these monstrosities. I live on Scrattons Farm and am the Chair of the TRA. I am also chair of the Federation, and we have been trying for years to get something done. Cameron Geddes is well aware of this problem and has been doing his best for us. The roundabouts are under the jurisdiction of both TFL and the Council, and have been vandalised by lorries and not been kept tidy and safe. They are a very bad design. If you want to make a complaint, write to John Biggs (who is in charge of TFL), at the London Assembly. I have also spoken to the SNT who have told me that it is not in their jurisdiction, as this is a problem for the Highways department. Because of the Councils budget cuts, It is going to be very difficult to get this problem resolved. At our TRA meetings we regularly discuss these roundabouts, so if you live on Scrattons Farm, you can attend our meetings, and have your say. Our meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month.
Barbara N
so I suppose they will all wait until someone gets seriously hurt or killed before anything is done then?
Barbara N
I don't care what the roundabouts look like, just about drivers cutting others up to try to beat the lights

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