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EADT photos from their archives, date from 1950

Some wonderful EADT photos from their archives. Photos date from 1950 and include: the first tenant to move into Chantry new estate, Painting Broom Hill Swimming Baths, Inside of St Matthews swimming baths, the new Civic/Greyfriars roundabout development (look at photo 92, to see the top of the roundabout restaurant). Find the link here:


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Natalie S
Photos also uploaded regularly on our Flashback section too.
Thank you :o)
Reg S
but is  it the EADT more like the Norwich times or  what ever in 80 years i have watch Ipswich being reduced to a heap of rubble nothing seem to get replaced with something that is  modern and good looking just look at what replaced the old E A D T >Evening star building my pet worry what is going to happen to the Wolsey gate yes and another car park at the old territorial building

why not reduce the bus fares
It would be nice if BT would repair/restore the red telephone box on Stoke Bridge. Heartbreaking to see it so trashed!
Dozey M
Historic Ipswich, Who are they, what are the names of people who are responsible for running it, are they paid, if so by whom?. It would be nice to know these faceless people. Frankly most of the Old Ipswich has long gone, are they not to late by about 50 years. If they really want to save whats left, Walk along the main shopping streets, and look up at some of the wonderful frontages, Above dowdy, so called modern glass and chrome shop fronts. Which destroy the rest of the look of many fine buildings.

If they want ideas, visit and North German town, like Celle etc.. every building in keeping, with the whole building. OK I know they started from scratch  But they re-built as was, before being destroyed.. We fail to even make the shop fronts fit the architecture of whats above them. 

Poor sad Ipswich.
Reg S
yes i was in  B O A  R15 in 51 what  i saw in Lemgo  the war missed it   Just take look at the Wash a wreck why don't finnish the Church off now that is a eye soar                        
Reg S
Wolsey  gate surely the old carving in could be X RAYED or scanned this is 2012 ad
Just one person runs this. Known as Kathie J on Streetlife. Not paid, just passion and satisfaction. There is much to be proud of in Ipswich as far as our local history is concerned. Visit:
Sentinel R inactive
"is that monuments should be conserved in situ related to their historical context - in this case the below ground remains of Wolsey's College to the rear."

REALLY? No wonder IPswich is in trouble...have they not noticed that there is traffic thundering past 24 hours a day 365 day per year, pumping out corrosive fumes. Someday the whole thing will be so black and neglected that all that will be holding it together will be the dirt. It should be moved to a more central location and have pride of place in a pedestrian area, away from dirty fumes and protected from vandalism. What a way to treat out history.
Dozey M
Kathie J, (Historic Ipswich UK), You are to be congratulated on your one women campaign to try to save what's left of "Old Ipswich". and there is some around. I do think you have an uphill struggle to convince our local councilors to spend money on saving our heritage. And I doubt it would be a popular Charity, if there were one?.

Is there anything readers of your Historic Ipswich posts, can do to help?, Do you have a blog?, Twitter, etc?
Reg S
there is or was old timber buildings in Fore St the Custom house  Burton's old offices then Wolsey,s gate but the old building opposite St  Church  have  not a clue but it must be of wood construction i wonder if it belonged to B O C M   then up St  Peter  St  still some left of great interest  up  to YAPPS old cake shop now  Ajax then into the glass  jungle just look at the White Horse yet they can allow 2 square blocks of hotel  not much left of Carr st  a old style wooden shop    then that stink hole with a damn great fly hovering over it what a advert then what suppose to be a cinema then  the old T A no sorry they pulled it down you guessed it another car park last one  is my pet hate the old goal ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Dozey M, thanks, but I'm not so sure it is a campaign for me to single handedly save 'Old Ipswich' :o) It's more to do with people sharing 'information', as this will build knowledge and then (I hope) people will 'value' what they know and care about it more. Here is some examples of lack of information about the rich heritage of Ipswich: The bronze statue depicting Giles's character "Grandma", is referred to by some people as "the fat lady at Waitrose". The 'old County Hall' building on St. Helen's street is referred to by some as "Ipswich Castle".
At the moment I have a Facebook page: I also have this streetlife page. Depending on the interest will dictate how it evolves.
Reg S
its Giles grandma and also the other is the goal jail

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