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Everyone has an opinion on the Olympics. What's yours?

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caroline w

I've loved athletics since I was a runner at 13 but the Olympics in London fills me with dread. The whole thing is just so full of pomp and politics and preening that it's no longer anything to do with the original Baron de Coubertin vision.

Some TV pundit once said all the events should be staged at different venues round the world and then combined into one television spectacular.  I think this would be a sensible way for the future.

Vivian B

I have little interest in the sport .. what interests me is the disruption and chaos for the roads .. I am unable to cross the road, turn right or catch a bus ... but that's OK - it is only fro 12 hours a day for approximately 12 weeks.

Tom Morley

I think Competitive Sport was interesting when we were breaking records by seconds (and even minutes!).

It's a bit like rock-n-roll now though. It's over. It's all been done. After Jimi Hendrix what was the use of playing 'competitive' guitar?.

Olympic athletes are just shaving milliseconds off records. So what? It would be ironic to say that's a waste of time, because there isn't even any time involved.

So, spend the money on regenerating areas of the world based purely around community needs. Sports centres of local proportions, music studios, nurseries, affordable housing, drop-in centres...

That's a dream worth sticking around for. EVERYBODY wins.

I'm with Instant Teamwork
Kathleen O inactive

I agree with all the above comments.

I am not looking forward to taking my life in my hands when I try to cross the road or going out of my way to catch a bus.

It will provide some great photo opportunities for our politicians and I am sure they will take full advantage of these!!  And they will be protected from all the disruption it causes.  I think it was a bad idea to hold the Olympics in London, which is congested enough already.

Tom's dream sounds great and I just wish it could come true.  Maybe one day when (and if!!) the politicians come to their senses...

Martin Plimmer

I'm surprised at such curmudgeonly views. We live in one of the greatest cities in the world. That fact is endorsed by the decision to hold the Olympics Games here. This is exactly the right place to hold it. The Olympic represents the chance of a lifetime. It will be a magnificent event. It will put London at the very centre of the World stage and anybody who lives here, whether or not they are interested in sport, will benefit from this grand festival of nations and be enriched by it. Lets not carp about how we're going to cross the road in July. Let's put our hearts in it. This is a great teeming city with the generosity and spirit to be greater.

Shahid Rafiq

hi Martin

Can you please tell me what exact benefit we will get as someone living in London? Especially after how much money is being spent on it. Grand festival of nations but we see that all the time. London is probably the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. We have people from every walks of live. If anything it’s going to cause misery and chaos to people working in the city. I know it’s only for a month but the amount of money TAX PAYERS money we are spending is ridiculous. That money is spent wisely elsewhere. London is one of the top cities in the world by having or not having the Olympics it’s always going to be a top city.


caroline w

I live in Tooting and we have a grand festival of nations every day for nothing.  And I love it.

I'm not being whingey, I just think the whole Olympic thing has become so overblown and political, it has lost sight of its roots.

Kathleen O inactive

I agree with Shahid - I would like to know how we will benefit from the Olympics. I wish this astronomical amount of taxpayers' money could be spent on items such as the ones listed by Tom earlier.  That would benefit everyone.  

Matthew G

Well I'm pretty sure that you won't find the answer to "how will we benefit from the Olympics" on here!  Google I am sure will be able to provide a wealth of opinions and research on this topic.

Anyway despite the comments the results so far are positive - 59% in favour, 12% not sure, 30% against (yes that adds up to 101% - which I guess is a rounding error!).


Barcelona? Sydney? Seoul?

Most people around the world have not heard much about these towns before the Olympics. The expenditure is in an intangible: reputation.

Recently I was in Beijing and busloads of tourists go to the Olympic site, adding one more attraction to the Chinese capital and building its reputation as a forward looking place.

Although certainly London is more recognized around the world than most other places your reputation as a fun, interesting place to be is just as good as the latest thing, good or bad, that has happened in town.

Another intangible is inspiration. When people see athletes achieving great feats of physical endurance many people that would not feel like doing sport otherwise would at least recognize the activity as something positive. Being in a world class event is something difficult to forget.

As for concrete things, surely it is not escaping to all of you all the major ongoing renovation works taking place all around town, some of those works would have been put to rest if the Olympics had not come to town (I am thinking specifically about Crossrail and Westfield to name a couple).

Certainly the Olympics have lots to be ashamed for. The people at the top one day will have a lot to answer, the organizing committee have shown at times insensitivity (like allowing certain sponsors to associate themselves with the games) or just plain incompetence, but once the athletes are in the field, irrespective of sport, all those problems are palliated in great measure.

In Barcelona most of the Olympic installations are derelict, but since the Olympics thy have stablished themselves as one of the coolest towns in Europe, in Mexico to this day there is public art that remains where is was put in place when the games were there and lots of public housing was provided by the Olympic Village.

I don't know. Whining for some discomfort (the games will not even be in our part of town, many of us may not even notice) seems petty to me.

Kathleen O inactive

Tactstre, the games will not be in our part of town, but the Olympic Route Network will be and it will cause a lot of inconvenience to a lot of people. The original post asked our opinion on the Olympics and I am as entitled to state mine as you are to state yours. And I am not whining or petty. I am just giving my opinion.

caroline w

I have to admit Barcelona's place in the world rocketed after its Olympics.

Shahid Rafiq

The real benefits will never be shown because there arent any.. I know someone who worked on the economic strategy and said its a big loss maker but we are committed.

Tzctstre - Barcelona & Sydney are well know cites and i dont think the olympics made people more aware of these citys.. Baracelona - football and sydney - Australian capital. I would how many tourists will go to stratford after the olympics




well...there are different opinions, and I'm with those that don't care much since the way ticket access to buy for any favorite sport it's been done in a very disappointing fashion!

Shame really to be in London, and not be able even to get a closer chance, even worst for those who live in the nearby boroughs who been affected from all the construction and hassle going on their door get nothing but promises!!


Thumbs up!!  for Shahid and Caroline w.

what a sadness if one had to wait for the Olympics to go out and a make a party!!, and London has been for long and still is the centre of the world most of the time, that is why is such a great city!  


John P

We will have to wait to see for the benefits (image, regeneration, infrastructure, tourism, business, sporting hem.. legacy) Some cities benefited, some others ended up in huge debt.

They will probably be much less tourists than usual and with most of us on hols, hopefully transport will be able to cope at least a minimum... :)

I agree that having olympics puts you firmly even more on the map and changes the perception of the city. Olympics are associated with barcelona, beijing etc... and whenever these cities are mentioned, people tend to see them as they were when the olympics were on and associate them with them which is quite a powerful image. great marketing.

For london, people tend to think of ... S.holmes, Chelsea FC/Arsenal, Westminter etc...

I am volunteering during the olympics because i thought that such an event doesn't happen in your city everyday and friends from other olympic cities were telling how fantastic the atmosphere and buzz was.

Now I think that 100% would have been excited if you had the proper road infrastructure to go with it. london is notorious for not having enough 'boulevards'.

I think it would have been fine to cope for mainly 2 weeks if (if I heard right) tfl were not proposing to deviate some of the bus routes to and from the hospital which would inconvenience those who need to go and get their medicine. Maybe if that challenge had been included in the manifesto, maybe it would have changed

 I heard yesterday that some people were already complaining about the jubilee celebrations :)

andrew h

@Vivian - where does this 12 weeks come from - I thought the period was from 27th July to 12 August?

@Shahid - I accecpt some of your points about the previous Olympic cities - however believe you miss something  if you do not consider the eperiences of people. The 70,000 volunteers who take part in the greatest sports even on earth and the millions who have clamoured and fought for tickets to the events. You also miss the fact that a run down area in East London has been totally transformed.

Susan P

Well said, Tom Morley.  The prospect of money spent being wasted because installations become derelict, is criminal at any time, but even more so in the current climate.  It's the residents of Stratford who can say whether the regeneration has benefited their community.  If I was offered a ticket, the Paralymics would be of more interest - to see athletes triumphing over such adversity, and sometimes the result of terrible war injuries.  Then being celebrated for sacrificing so much for their country, in their endeavors to get their lives back, is very moving. 

But hey, there's another Westfield - for me, at least to avoid!

andrew h

Tom has half a point - however the sad truth is that the money would not have been spent in East London on the worthy things he mentions. It would have gone on something like improving the motorways or refurbishing (again) government buildings.

At least the Olympics has brought something people in the area will use - improved transport, parks and stadia, some housing and town centre development. It also brings the fantastic chance for people (particularly local youngsters) to both work and volunteer - brilliant self development. 

@Susan P - I don't think they are planning for any derelict installations - indeed a big part of the case was concerning after-use.

I do agree about the paralympics and lets remember London 2012 will be the biggest ever paralympics both in size and profile. I'm hoping the understanding of disability will be a real lasting legacy of 2012.


Shahid Rafiq

andrew h

I doubt its the greatest sports events on the world. I would say the Football World Cup is. Mate people are only interested in the finals. The volunteers why should i volunteer when there are people working in the olympics who are getting paid a fortune.. and amount of money they have spent on consultants and all the other rubbish they should have kept some money to employ more people then they wouldnt have been taking the piss asking for volunteers. Also people signed up as volunteers because thats the only way they will get to go. As for millions who clamoured for tickets these millions were only looking for the main events and also finals and did they get them no, so what happens now they go on resale because they are not wanted. Finally the olympics is one of the biggest events, ofcourse people will want to go and see them and they will only happen once of twice in the London during our lifetime.

mungomuffit inactive

I lived in Sydney when it had the Olympics and was really anti before they started, because of the cost and other problems mentioned above. But once they started it was fantastic and I got really caught up in the atmosphere. I worked near Circular Quay and every night after work was a big happy party down at the Quay meeting people from all over the world. It was the best time ever. 

But Sydney is totally different to London. It is a much smaller with a less diverse population and people have more sense of having things in common (including people who have immigrated there), rather than in London where it seems to be more about emphasising our differences. People in Sydney volunteered to help - actually fell over backwards to be involved for no pay, whereas in London all we get is whinging from people like Bob Crow who want to milk it for as much as they can get. London is just so big and made up of people without much sense of commonality, so I can't see the Olympics being anywhere near as good as the Sydney Olympics was. 

Or have I just become a "whinging Pom" myself after having lived in London for 10 years ...!?

caroline w

The Sydney Olympics were excellent, finshing with Cathy Freeman and then Kylie doing 'Dancing Queen'....

Dee J

I reckon most of the whingers would have moaned if Paris had won. I am delighted the Olympics will be in London. I will cope with any inconvenience despite being in my late 60s and a bit lame and not having any tickets, people should look around and see what is going on elsewhere in the world, were millions are nowhere near as fortunate as we are.

mungomuffit inactive

True Dee. Maybe once the Olympics start, people will enjoy it more than they think and be willing to forgive some inconveniences. If not, then it's only for 2 weeks! 

Colleen B

I am looking forward to the Olympics, wish I had tickets , being virtually housebound, I SHALL SIT IN FRONT OF MY TV and enjoy every moment. Pls stop moaning, if u dont enjoy sports, let us who do enjoy it.  I also enjoy Wimbledon.  My only worry is that my TV will pack up.

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