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Leaving Waitrose By Car

Have you ever had to drive past the entrance to Waitrose to visit a friend or relative on the new estates. Take your life in your hands then as many drivers (of all ages) exiting Waitrose assume all drivers approaching from their right are turning into Waitrose. I have students who live on the new estate and I have lost count the amount of times I have used the dual controls when drivers who make these assumtions pull out in front of you. Perhaps Waitrose should erect a sign for all drivers to read as they leave their Car Park to reinforce the need to Give Way. The bigger the better. Another accident waiting to happen.


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Pining Lass
Not that I use Waitrose much so don't really know the area but I think I remember a time when there was nothing further along the road than Waitrose so everything which came along did turn in?

Perhaps it is just a case of 'old habits die hard', or am I having a 'senior moment' and totally confused?
Hayley D
It happens all the time!!! I live in chambers close (by the new community centre) and it happens at least once a week when I'm driving home from work.
Jan J
I agree a give way sign would be a good idea,also one is needed for pedestrians crossing from the Green footpath in the car park on leaving near the Exit there is a Zebra Crossing but no sign ,there was one but it has been broken off and removed leaving part of it sticking out of the ground Yet another hazzard.
Brian Y
It must be the way they design the whole outlets, it is a similar problem at the Waitrose here in Wymondham, Norfolk.
Barnacle Bill
There is another anomaly just across the road as well - cutting into a controlled area of a zebra crossing and putting a bus stop there is absolutely stupid.

Whenever a Sidmouth bound bus stops I bet car drivers pull around it, crossing to the right of the keep left sign, crossing over zig zag lines and driving on the opposite lane within a controlled zone of a crossing.

Jan J
Yes they do ,i have seen many impatient motorists overtaking the Bus in both's an accident waiting to happen .
Barnacle Bill
Nice bit of trade for the ol' bill if they wanted to put an unmarked car in the area or a temporary camera. Not sure but I think offences concerning controlled areas of crossings attract points on the licence - parking in same certainly does.
Come on Waitrose do the right thing :)
Robin F inactive
Such offences were always particularly frowned upon, since the offence obscures the vision to see the person(s) walking across the crossing. Passing  a vehicle nearest a pedestrian controlled crossing in a controlled area or passing a stationary vehicle nearest a pedestrian controlled crossing in a controlled area usually attracts 3 penalty points as does parking within the controlled area of a pedestrian crossing.
Who is in charge of Health and Safety at Waitrose and I wonder if their remit extends to all things Car Park ? I bet they are kept busy as it is like the dodgems at times in there !
I had a meeting with Mark Shepard the Manager at Waitrose Sidmouth about the exit junction and concerns over it. Firstly - great that he agreed to meet up and discuss. Secondly - he was unaware of the issue and agreed it needed looking into and improving where possible. He asked if I would add a supporting letter or email which I agreed. My suggestions were add a big Give Way sign on a post or better still make it into a Stop sign with applicable road markings.

Anybody else that has or hears of any near misses at the Waitrose entrance/exit please post on here. All good evidence to improve road safety where possible in Sidmouth.
Pining Lass
Well done Phil.
If we all try to do our bit then I'm sure we can have a good impact locally.

In many cases problems don't get sorted out because the person in charge doesn't know there is a lets all pass on information in a friendly way before we become cross :-)
John R

Just to put the other side in the mix

I was coming out of Waitrose and turning right last week, as another car was turning in

Only to find a car on the wrong side of the road heading straight for me
Its not the junction – its bad drivers!

Tell It As It Is inactive
John R ......... how old was that other driver?
John R
Tb be honest I had my eyes shut!
Tell It As It Is inactive
Lol ........ probably the best thing given the circumstances.

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