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Clothing Repairs And Alterations

Do people get things mended and altered like they use to or do they chuck them out,recycle and buy new.
I know of one shop down the Row in Yarmouth and there use to be a lady in Bradwell.
Are there any others.


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My Mum still does mine!
Tracey R inactive
If it just simply a button or hem then I will repair. But that is my limit. I was always better at domestic science than needlework.
I try to mend myself, eventually.

I more get problems with sizes fitting right more often than having to fix stuff, when that happens and I can't return it, I tend to give to charity.

I've made a jumper top before. That was tricky but fun. :)
Janet K
I do my own and I taught my three sons
Michelle D
I do mine and my families, still make my own curtains to, i am now teaching my 8 year old grandaughter to use a sewing machine
Jane S
Are any of them single Janet? I hate sewing! lol
Lesley C
Well done Janet, I used to make clothes and curtains an other items but not anymore. Think it costs more for the materials these days than just to go and buy them ready made. Don't have time anymore either but it was lovely to look at something you have made yourself very satisfying. I do still do hems and the odd repair if I am in the mood.
Janet K
Sorry Jane all taken! Also made sure they can cook, use a washing machine and iron........mind you they did not do much of it while they lived at home but their wives/partner reap the benefit. I am now teaching a daughter in law to knit. There seem to be a lot of craft clubs but perhaps being shown "how to" would be of more benefit to some, in libraries perhaps.
June H
If you don't mind driving out to Winterton, there's a young lady who does alterations, clothing, curtains etc. her name is Katherine, 'Crafty Sew and Sew' mobile 07786 620479
Her work is excellent and prices very reasonable.

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