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Felixstowe Car Parking

Nick W in Bawdsey
I see that some have suggested to SCDC that we should have free parking after 3pm (presumeably all the year round).  I see that SCDC claim that it would cost the council over £80,000 in lost revenue to do that.  (really??)

Could they not at least have done something in the run up to Christmas?  Tnhey actually have in other towns like Walberswick (is that a town?) and Southwold, but, as I understand it (correct me if I am wrong) they won't for Felixstowe.

If that is the case it is yet another example of how Felixstowe (by far the biggest population and revenue to SCDC) is nothing more than a cash cow for SCDC to promote the rural coastal areas.  LOng ago, Felixstowe had its own Urban District Council and was responsible for raising the revenue and spending it in its own area.  I know I am not alone in the wish that we could return to that system.  Then see how free they could afford to make Soutwold's carparks, without Felixstowe's money.

Yeah I know.. you are all going to shoot me down in flames for this one.

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