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I am new to streetlife and am looking for a friendly reasonably priced chiropodist who is able to do home visits in the Brixington area. Can anyone recommend someone?
Ann M


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Ann P
Yup.  I can help there.  Himself and I trust our tootsies to David Kendrick, 268480 .who is very shy and reserved at first but fine once he knows you.  He visits, has patients in Brixington, and does a very good job.  Walks everywhere!
I go to Lesley Kettle in Parkside Drive, not sure if she does home visits but, it is worth a call. She is so nice & kind, a really lovely Lady. She can also be reserved & shy, but, once you get to know her You will like her.
Tel No: 278680.
Diana M
I have Debbie Shaw come to me she is lovely  such a nice person also her husband is now taking on new patients. Their phone number is 270838, away this weekend but able to take calls Monday evening.
Liz F
I have Debbie too - she is lovely and very professional - very hygienic and all sterile stuff. Highly recommended. I have also been to Lesley Kettle years ago - both excellent.
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Jan N
I can recommend Sue Heavens (271715).  She does home visits in Brixington and further afield. She is very friendly and does a very good job of looking after my Dad's feet.
Mary N
Hi - first time on here!
Please make sure who-ever you choose, is a Registered Chiropodist.
Ann M
Thank you for all your suggestions and for your quick replies - wow! what service!
ur welcome Ann no problem, this is what we are here for on Streetlife to help each Other if we can. I suppose you could say we are the equivalent of being like a Neighbourhood Watch.
Ann P
And are you, chaps?  In the Neighbourhood Watch that is.   Very important and if you've ever been tempted then give in.  It's worth it to you and your neighbours.

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