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Sense of heritage?

Just wondering how much people in these parts of Norfolk (particularly the Fleggs and the Borough of Great Yarmouth) feel a strong sense of connection with our heritage, whether man-made, economic, social or natural. 

Do you feel your life is strongly connected to the area where you live somehow?  Do you feel part of its history-making?  Is it important to you to ensure our legacy to the future is a landscape (man-made and natural) which remembers us somehow, gives something to our children's children to love, enjoy and care for? 

Or is this place just somewhere you feel you are passing through, with no lasting connection, nothing special?  Not worth looking after?
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Barry W
All local born people should feel very strongly about our our heritage,it goes back over 1000yrs,and has seen many changes over the years,from Roman Occupation,to our herring fishing industry,our involvement with North Sea gas to name just a few.
I feel like I'm someone passing through but I certainly don't think that means that I don't think it's worth looking after. All places have their worth and respective history - my feelings just lie more strongly elsewhere.
Clare W
I came to this area by chance around 15 years ago with some knowledge of family connections but have been pleased and interested to hear of my relatives who have been actively involved in different areas of life in GY
Bloaters Bar
I personally have only been here three years.
I chose to live here.
I choose to be part of it.
Lets put the 'GREAT' back into Yarmouth
Alan N
To put the Great  back into GY we need more industry and better road connections to improve the economic wealth of the area.
Lawrence M
i grew up in caister when the lifeboat crew of the early 60, were like surrogate fathers to the local kids
we used to go fishing ,or tripping to scroby
great sense of comunity it was before HEALTH AND SAFETY
i think that was a better time
Tracie A
On my father's side of the family we goback at least 4 generations, all born and bred in the Gt. Yarmouth area. I love the area with its fabulous buildings, history and beaches and although I have lived and worked abroad I feel a tremendous draw to this area.
I believe that it is important to conserve our heritage as is developing and modernising in an aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic way, a good example of this is the development of the sea front and St Georges Park and theatre. The Gt Yarmouth area has so much to offer and it is a shame that Great Yarmouth often receives poor press coverage. Although I am not a native of Norfolk, I have lived here approx 10 yrs, I find the people here to be friendly and welcoming and I have been amazed by the many dedicated groups of people who are working together to make positive changes in the area. The lack of work/industry results in poverty but there is a sincere desire by so many to see Great Yarmouth flourish and improve.  A recent visit to The Fair Share event at the Town Hall proved inspiring with so many people in the community coming together to effect positive changes through sustainable and practical projects beit in the provision of new, well designed playgrounds and communal green spaces, to local people involved in decision making of how monies are spent in their own neighbourhoods eg providing pavements where non had existed before and improving the safety of residents, to clearing verges of fly tipped rubibsh etc through to Community Emergency response groups set up to help in times of need etc etc.  To me the heritage of the area is: a beautiful, unique natural landscape;  beautiful historic buildings (no high rise modern buildings thank goodness); a well designed sea front with easy access to parks and open spaces but above all, the humanity of the people in this area.
Holly H
I have Palmers and Fills in my GY ancestry in the early 1800s The Fills were mariners/sailors and as far as I can work out lived on row 67 or whichever ran down by Peggoty's. My great grand father was born in Vince's Buildings on St George's Road-not been able to identify just which building that was, maybe it has gone. Although  Norfolk,I  am not a Yarmouth person, but to walk down the remaining rows, with their years of tar on the walls and the hidden small doors always makes me wonder which of my ancestors also walked them.
As for heritage, my biggest and longstanding bug bear has been the failure of English Heritage, the National Trust or even NCC to purchase Caister Castle from the current owner It is a hugely significant building, just about the earliest example of  a brick built castle of its type in England, involved in the War of the Roses,  built by the Fastolf who may have been the inspiration for Falstaff, home of the Pastons, scene of violent sieges etc. The grounds are locally interesting-the transport of the building material etc. , salt making .Yet it is in private hands and extraordinarily expensive to visit because of the associated motor museum. No criticism of the owner, but one cant help but feel it would have been better maintained and have had a much higher profile in attracting visitors if it had been part of the historical buildings circuit  in Norfolk
Also What is GYBC doing allowing the Old White Lion to crumble? I thought it was the oldest pub in GY, listed and possibly one of the oldest buildings after the wall towers. We should have enough in our budget to look after what is left of our old town after the years of the philistines of the holiday trade being in control of the council have done their worst. After losing so many Rows to war damage and clearance for car parks and St George's and King Street falling into disrepair  for so long we can only hope for a better attitude towards the real town that existed before the first bath house and seaside hotel went up outside the Town Walls. Unfortunately the usual  philistines are still there alive and well on our council-Cllr Reynolds and others voting for pulling down the Jetty to "save money" for instance.
Community Connections
Lorraine, Pleased that you visited the Fair Share event this week at the Town Hall. The mini bus trips to see the various projects first hand were a must. Pity about the weather.
Hello Community Connections - Keep up the good work. I hope you get plenty of press coverage for the Fair Share event.

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