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Best pub quiz?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good pub quiz in a pub that's welcoming to newcomers?


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Sue I

If you find a pub quiz and are looking for team members I would love to join you - haven't taken part in a pub quiz for ages!

Shikha inactive

I recommend the Alma on Alma road, East Hill or Park Tavern near Granville Rd. Let me know who you like it.


I go to the one at the Queen Adelaide pub near East Putney. Very nice pub and food, sometimes really busy, other weeks can be quiet. 8pm every Monday and cash prize for coming first. Very informal. Groups can be up to 6.


The County Arms on Trinity Road does a great quiz, Tuesday night. Very welcoming to newcomers and Tom, the quizmaster, is great. Just don't win please, thanks!

Ifor S

There is only one quiz - the Ship in Smugglers Way on Wednesday nights. Established for many years with a faithfull following - but beware - if celebrities, soaps or sport is your forte best go to one of he others! The format is unique an constantly revised by James the proffessional quiz master.

TheBennetts inactive

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions - will hopefully give these a go over the next few months :)


I'm new here, what are pub quizs about?

Polly R

I used to go to the pub quizz at the Dukes Head (on the river in Putney) on a Tuesday but not been for a while and heard its changed hands. The Jolly Gardener (off Putney High Street) is quite a good one too - that's also on a Tuesday - I like to atmosphere in there too.

Amélie R inactive

Hi there! Depends on where you live. But i've heard The Giraffe has got really good ones ! 27 Battersea Rise - SW11 1HG


Last time I went there The Old Sergeant on Garratt Lane did one and the prizes were fairly decent plus the food in there is lovely and reasonably priced.



The East Hill Pub Quiz on Sunday nights is by far and away the best quiz in the local area. Composed and usually hosted by Burnsy it is quite relaxed whilst also being pacey, if that's possible, old school, new school, cutting edge whilst being humorous and informative but above all, highly entertaining. What else would you do on Sunday night apart from watch boring period dramas on tv, whoop-dee-doo. Get yourself down to the East Hill Pub at the top of Alma Rd.

Samantha & Mark

I've got to agree with Ifor S - The Ship has the best pub quiz! My boyfriend and I have been to a few and this is definitely our favourite! The Quiz Master, James, is terrific as well!

Daniel C

Or in Putney you have Green Man and Jolly Gardeners for a Tuesday night, both are friendly pubs that make you feel welcome and the questions can be challenging


The Park Tavern has a great quiz on Wednesdays. It is very popular, has three prizes and a raffle in the interval. Lots of opportunities to win, good drink, and good food. I always see different people every time I'm there. Always a good night.

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