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Ipswich Town, what happens next?

Simon Clegg, the chief executive of Ipswich Town, was announced today to be leaving the club. The club's owner Marcus Evans has announced he will be taking on a more hands-on role with the club. What do you think will happen next with the club? Do you believe that Simon Clegg's departure from Ipswich Town will be beneficial to the club? Do you think Marcus Evans will do a better job with the club now that he's taking a more hands-on role? What would you do now if you were Marcus Evans?
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What would you do now if you were Marcus Evans?

Sell it!
James M
Does feel a bit like rats leaving a sinking ship
Matt C
We need a face of Ipswich Town, someone who loves the club. Someone like Mick Mills just to be public face of the club someone the fans can relate to
I agree Matt C, at least someone who knows about football in general and an affinity with the club specifically.
One quote from Clegg just about sums up his total lack of both:  "...whether we like it or not, everything is judged on what happens on the pitch." Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a football club and ITFC supporters are really only interested in what happens on the pitch
Nick Pye
If it were me I'd shut it down quick!
According to their last financial report, the business made a gross profit of £-7,885,000. Their book value is £-44,766,000, and the value of their shareholders' fund is £-40,561,000.
The scary thing is Nick that there are probably at least a dozen championship clubs with worse figures than that. Football clubs are a strange type of business model and I don't understand anyone who would invest in one. There a money pit.
Nick Pye
True Mercutio. I don't understand it either. But I also don't think football is worth watching these days with it's culture of cheating, arguing with the referee, racism and appalling off-pitch antics of many players.
The £34 ticket was enough to put me of going to PR. And let's not mention the cost of refreshments.

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