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Children's passport photos

Does anyone know where I can take a 2 and 3 year old to have passport photos done that wont cost me a fortune. I don't trust them to sit still in a kiosk. It's bad enough the passports are £45 each!


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Barkers Photographic in Gorleston (opposite the library)  01493 843399
Tracy C
Agree with Barkers they'll look after you in there!
Wendy A
Thanks for recommendations
Barry C
we are photographers and we send people to sainsburys as they have a passport kiosk.very tricky now passport photos.we can do normal house studio and weddings but not passports.
Thank you for asking this question! The last place I used that had one of those photograph gun things was that camera shop that was in Market Gates... did a set for a £5! They closed down shortly afterwards sadly, so it's good to know another good place is in Gorleston. I loathe the booths, they can be so unreliable and a complete waste of money if the set isn't right first time!
I think there's a booth in ASDA too - although it's been a while since I used it !
Wendy A
The place in the arcade does them for £5
Kimberley B
Barkers are the best to go to you pay a bit more but you get a guarantee so that if the post office aren't happy or won't accept them they will re-do it! (Or at least they used to)
Emma S
Asda photo counter actually took photos of my grandparents for their passports not sure if they still do I did my children myself by lying them on a white blanket/sheet and getting them printed online from photobox they were accepted fine :)
Jan E
There used to be a shop down the rows in Yarmouth that was very reasonable.  Also, I was told that if the photos were rejected, they would re-take for free.

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