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Our wedding reception this summer - your useful feedback


My partner & I are fairly new to Norwich so we would greatly appreciate your recommendation about some of the pubs where we wish to host our small event, with particular reference to the quality of food and service. Cheers

- Coldham Hall Tavern, Surlingham
- The Kings Head, Bawburgh
- Hainford-Chequers, Hainford


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Brian H
Try the Blue Boar on Wroxham Road.

Large family friendly pub, great food & staff and they do cater for wedding receptions!
Ray S
Can also recommend the Blue Boar.  Great menu and generous portions.Fair prices.
Rebecca P
THe Unthank Arms is good, we used them for our reception -
Clare B
The Race Course Inn Salehouse Road
Clare B
food good loads of room
Ann P
I have been to the Chequers at Hainford twice in the past few years and would not recommend it for service. I found the staff rude and unwelcoming.
I went to the Chequers at Hainford and apart from waiting ages for our food, we were like sardines in a tin, didn't like it one bit.
The Playfairs
Hello everyone and thank you very much for your helpful contributions.

 We're definitely going to have a look round the Blue Boar and the Race Course. As both our families are from Italy and Canada we wish to offer our guests a taste of traditional British culture, so we would rather prefer country pubs. (we know The Unthank Arms is lovely - thanks Rebecca)

Really keen to know more about Coldham Hall Tavern and The King's Head in Bawburgh, anyone? 

we used to go to chequers the quality and price used to be excellent,, but then it changed hands , we went once but quality went down ie fresh veg went to frozen. large portions went to small, prices went up etc,  shame really
The Playfairs
Coldham Hall Tavern, Surlingham & The Kings Head, Bawburgh: Recommendation needed please!
Ray S
Either are good but on a good summers days  Coldham Hall wins hands down for its position beside the river
Ray S
Hve never like The Chequers though my daughter ujsed top love it before it changed hands no long ago.    Very dull inside
Rosemary M
Blue Boar at Sprowston is great, lovely restaurant, but Coldham Hall I can recommend, perfect setting, quite spacious and lovely food and staff good luck

Another suggestion is the Marsham Arms, Aylsham, thats good as well
You would have to be careful at Coldham Hall with any children running about, a bit dangerous if you ask me as alcohol, water and children is a very dangerous mix.
Angela R
Marsham Arms, just past Horsford, we had an O birthday there, lovely staff, food great
David H
I used the King's Head in Bawburgh for a work event recently and can recommend it for the food and service. We chose off the buffet menu and took over their function room. If you are offered the function room it is quite small with a low ceiling (anyone over 6ft will probably end up with concussion). There were about 25 in our party which was a few too many to be seated around tables in the room so we had a stand up buffet. Hope you have a great day.
Rosemary M
Ref: my post above, I suggested Marsham Arms, Aylsham (thinking Marsham just before Aylsham), my apologies I meant Marsham Arms, Horsford and its Green's at Aylsham, just before the town roundabout and bypass, sorry

Greens is just as good
I've heard The Recruiting Sergeant has a good reputation.
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Jackie T
If you wanted city centre Cinema City have some lovely small rooms depending on the size of the party and I have had some lovely lunches there ...
Otherwise check the pubs by taking a trip out there for a treat for yourselves!!
Stuart M
Hi there, if you are truly looking for that Norfolk experience, how about one of the north Norfolk places? Cosy pubs, great food and romantic settings. Try Cley windmill, wells next sea, Morston........ The choices are endless!
Lynda E
I enjoyed our friend's birthday celebration at Aylsham Lodge, Norwich Road, Aylsham.  The food was lovely - and there is ample car parking in front.
Bryan D
Recommend the Racecourse on Salhouse Road, had our golden wedding,80th and 70th birthday bashes there last year and they really did us proud .

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