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Nimble fingers needed in Honiton - for Community Project

Nimble fingers needed in Honiton. Do you like sewing, could you help us make our patchwork banner?


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Stella P
I do some patchwork. What is needed.
Stella P
have just been on the web site and offered to do 2 letters
Carol A
My fingers aren't as supple as they used to be but I think I could still do a bit!
Sharon P
Thank you Stella & Carol - there are only 4 letters left to do although I think Sara at The Wool Stack is doing one too, knitted or crocheted !

I've updated the blog with what's left to do on there. 

Be great if we could all bring our patches to the Transition Town Honiton Bring & Share Supper on Sat 9th March at the Masonic Hall (from 6pm). Bring a dish to share and your own drinks. Should be a lovely evening with friends and making new ones. 

Carol A

Since offering to do some letters, I have damaged my right index finger and at the moment I can hardly move it. I think I have damaged the joint, therefore I will have to pull out of the patchwork. Sincere apologies.
Sharon P
Don't worry Carol - hope your finger is better soon x

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