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Swedish-speaking play dates?

We are two Swedish mums who would like to start regular coffee/play dates with other Swedish parents to keep the language alive for our 3-year-olds. Please get in touch! We are based in Highgate.


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Julia H
Hi Anna

Would you be interested in taking your children to Swedish school at the Swedish church? It's on a Saturday morning for all age groups. My daughter-in-law is Swedish & helped to set it up. There are a lot of Swedish mums around Highgate/Crouch End who got to know each other there.
Anna S
Thank you for this! I wasn't going to go to the Swedish church as it's a bit far away and I thought there wouldn't be people local to me there, but now you say there are mums from around here who go I'll give it a try!
Julia H
That's great.  Their website is  Good luck!
Anna S
Just sent them an email. Thanks!

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