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Help a queenshill resident get into space.

Hi I have entered the lynx Apollo competition to get a flight into space (this is an actual competition ). I need as many votes as possible to get into the top 200 which will get me to the national challenges if I can get there and get through then I will go to the global challenge in Florida. From there they choose the top 4 to fly into space.

I am very passionate about this and it has been a dream since I was about 8 years old. To vote for me please go to the following link. I need as many votes as possible so get anyone and everyone to please vote for me.

Thank you


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Maria T
Voted. Good luck. Hope you win :-)
Keith W
voted. good luck jason
Sylvia H
Good luck, I've just voted for you Jason.
Jo P
Done...good luck!
Jason H
Hi all a quick recap. Now upto 653 place hopefully I can get into the 500's by the end of tonight.
Hi jason,
I just voted. Dreams come true. Best of luck!
Jason H
Thanks Lara doing well now at 562. Trying everything I can think of. Even twitter but no followers not sure i am doing it right @Jharwood23jason also Facebook page Might try local papers who knows.
Shirley I
Hi Jason, have voted, hope you get loads of votes, best wishes with the media cover have you contacted the Evening News?
Sue L
You should try all the local media, TV radio and the papers. It seems that if one picks it up they all show and interest
Keith W
hi jason ,i have just forwarded your streetlife request to all my e-mail contacts including two radio norfolk presenters . every little helps (hopefully) best of luck . keith.
Good luck.  I voted yesterday.
Perry C
Jason - all the best, have voted and wish you well on the way to LIFT OFF!!
Jason H
Hey guys quick update I am now in 507 place. Really pleased with the support. Lets keep the old momentum going.
Jason H
Thanks to everyone who has voted so far.
Jason H
Thought I would just post an update as to where I am. I currently have 158 votes and this puts me in 447 place. Still a long way to go but I will not give up trying to make my dreams come true.

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