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Video: Lloyds TSB leaving town by end of 2013

Felixstowe's branch of Lloyds TSB is one of over 620 the bank is being forced to transfer to another bank/institution by the end of 2013 . .


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Emma E inactive
Thanks for info on the banks, I have been with lloyds for 50years they might give me a parting gift NOT i have holiday insurance and car breakdown service with them so that might change?
Stephen D
I can't imagine that Lloyds would end up with no representation in Felixstowe.  There was a rumour that Lloyds/TSB were to re-open their old branch in Hamilton Road and then the takeover which is described would make more sense.
Tim S inactive
Chris spoke directly to them yesterday while preparing the story, and they confirmed that the branch will be transferred at the end of the year, and account holders remaining at that time will be moved to the new owner (probably the Co-op bank)
There are alway rumours about premises, but the fact is that the co-op already have premises at the Britannia, and while they'll take over the existing TSB at Bank Corner, the old disused bank won't be part of the deal - we understand that the premises don't belong to Lloyds TSB, they were rented, and Lloyds TSB have no interest in them.

How could you possibly suggest that spending a huge amount of money on refurbing old premises would make any kind of sense? When Lloyds TSB have gone, and The Co-op has 2 sets of premises, they certainly wouldn't want a 3rd place!

Emma, according to Lloyds TSB, you'll have the same terms on your account at the point when the new owner takes a=over although they may change the terms later.
Stephen D
I was only suggesting that it seemed unusual for a bank to not be represented in a town.

Anyway, I called Lloyds on the number they provided when advising of the impending change.  All accounts (that we have, at least) will retain their same numbers, direct debits and internet banking will remain unchanged other than that they will have a name change to TSB.

Confirming your comment to Emma, Lloyds said that even when the new owner, probably Co-op although they would not confirm this, takes over, the account conditions etc., will remain unchanged under the terms of the agreement.
Marc T inactive
I bank with Lloyds but my branch is still in Ipswich.  I wonder what the implications are for existing Lloyds customers with regard to transferring funds etc.
Emma E inactive
Thanks Tim,I will wait to see what they say.
Emma E inactive
Street signs still direct drivers to the spa and gardens?
Tim S inactive
Marc: I understand that once the bank has transferred to the new owners, you won't have any more facilities than customers of Barclays or HSBC have in banks other than their own. I think there'll be quite a lot of people in exactly your position who'll lose out at the change.
Marc T inactive
Ah well, maybe I'll just transfer my overdraft to the Co-op.  I prefer their ethical approach, anyway.

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