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Theft on Christmas Eve /Christmas morning

Autumn19 in Beckton
Hi all, Custom House is not my local street life -page but my sons mother-in-law lives in the Custom House Area.

Just a note to let you all know and be on the look out for anyone bragging about what they did.

My sons mother-in-laws mother passed away on Sunday 23/12/2012 on the Monday 24/12/2012 she was at her late mothers home with her brother and she went back to her home (just across the road) to put on the turkey for their Christmas dinner, it was at 5am Christmas morning. They couldnt sleep as their grief was all encompassing.

When she walked into her home she was met with totally disbelief as her home had been burgled, the rats tried to open her front door with a screw driver, that didnt work, they then tried to go in through the side window but they came unstuck as it was locked - they cut a perfect circular hole just by the handle.  They then climbed over the very solid and high fence to the back garden where they tried to jimmy open the door, they obviously couldnt do that so they smashed the 4foot by 2 foot glass door pane and went in that way.

They stole all of the Christmas presents that she had lovingly bought and wrapped for her family and friends along with her jewelery and Christmas money.

These people are scum - so if you hear someone bragging about this report them to the police.

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