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Instow beach banning dogs , possibly!

Erica F in Appledore
Pleas support a campaign to stop Instow Parish Council banning dogs on Instow beach!
I think it's very shortsighted as local businesses are thankful all year, not just holiday season, for trade. Much of this comes from people who come to instow to walk dogs.
As for dog mess, yes it's a problem! So is rubbish such as broken glass, battered boats and the sand dune fencing now scattered and littering the beach.
I think dog wardens are the answer and public shaming of those who don't pick up after their dog could help prevent others doing so.
There is a public meeting on

Thursday 31st January,
at 7 pm
in theAll Saints Community Centre, Anstey Way, Instow.

Please help to keep Instow a place to involve everyone, dog owners or not!
Less restrictions but more pride I feel is needed.
Thanks, hope to see lots of people there, pass the details to others, please.

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