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Instow beach banning dogs , possibly!

Pleas support a campaign to stop Instow Parish Council banning dogs on Instow beach!
I think it's very shortsighted as local businesses are thankful all year, not just holiday season, for trade. Much of this comes from people who come to instow to walk dogs.
As for dog mess, yes it's a problem! So is rubbish such as broken glass, battered boats and the sand dune fencing now scattered and littering the beach.
I think dog wardens are the answer and public shaming of those who don't pick up after their dog could help prevent others doing so.
There is a public meeting on

Thursday 31st January,
at 7 pm
in theAll Saints Community Centre, Anstey Way, Instow.

Please help to keep Instow a place to involve everyone, dog owners or not!
Less restrictions but more pride I feel is needed.
Thanks, hope to see lots of people there, pass the details to others, please.


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Heather W
I'll be there. Instow Beach is a huge part of my life, recreationaly, socially, spiritualy and I, like actually the  majority of the whole year visitors, have my dogs with me, They leave nothing behind them  but their paw prints and I take no liberties with their freedom - continually assessing who is around me, keeping them under control  at all times.
Erica F
Wow! Heated and passionate!
If the parish council didn't know strength of feeling against the proposed ban of dogs on the beach, or enforcement of leads, then they do now!
It seems to me that we are expected to pander to the occasional beach user and holiday makers, not the regular daily , 12 months of the year users.
As for rubbish, yes a problem, not just dog mess but mainly broken bottles, fishing lines abandoned boats, broken fencing and buckets and spades.
To ban dogs is not a solution but an excuse, 'someone to blame'
Responsibility and common sense is sadly lacking!
Patricia D
Have to admit I am not happy with the amount of dogs in this area especially dogs that are not kept under control which from my experience is the largest amount. So much dog poo and urine!! Why can't dogs use their owners gardens then non dog owners would not complain. It is impossible to go for a walk without having to keep ones eyes down and scanning everywhere too make sure we don't get poo on our shoes.
Heather W
Irresponsible people all around are an inconvenience to others, as Erica posted, the bulk of waste that I detect as a daily visitor is refuse.
I, as other dog owners, am hugely offended by less responsible owners and I'm sure you will find that we are the first to attempt 'retraining' of them by a polite word and the offer of a spare Poo bag.
All round responsibility and consideration are required from all parties interested.
Kay M
I think the council is getting confused about dogs on leads, the CROW act clearly states dogs must be on leads around livestock which applies to Northam Burrows,could be wrong but never seen livestock at Instow ?
Barry M
Irresponsible dog owners are a constant problem around this area. Those of us who pick AND dispose of the poo in the bins provided, or take it home, are constantly amazed at those others who leave it lying about.
NTC have appointed a Warden on  the Burrows and she is forever picking up Poo bags over there. Very often the Warden will see someone throw it down or make no effort to collect it. She then approaches the dog walker and invariably receives a load of abuse.
Shortly the Warden will be empowered to issue Penalty Notices to these people, so those irresponsible owners out there best be prepared . In addition, abuse will not be tolerated.
NTC have a supply of Poo Bags which can be obtained from the Office in Windmill Lane for next to nothing and also the Warden carrys a supply too.
SO PICK IT UP AND DISPOSE OF IT. Turn the bag inside out and place it on your hand like a glove, then pick it up and place in one of the many bins around. Dont thrown the bag in a hedge. Its so easy.
I'm with Neversaynever
Heather W
Barry's posting is full of all the sense we wish every dog walker took, but please remember - far from every owner behaves in this neglegent manner. So while diseminating  this necessary advise please do not assume that all owners are so thoughtless, a majority are hugely responsible and deserve the respect of the community and the opportunity of enjoying full our beautiful area in the company of their canine companions .
Gillian G
I agree Heather, it seems unfair that the majority of dog owners who are responsible, are being punished for the few. Surely it would be better to have more dog wardens to come down hard on those who do not pick up and dispose, if they are caught more than 2 or 3 times their dog should be placed with a more responsible owner.
Wendy A inactive
The problem with a lot of dog owners is that they think everyone will accept the fact that their dog(s) can do no wrong. A dog is as good as the owner that trains it. I dont want to smell dog faeces baking in the sun along the streets or as a nasty mush in the rain. Why should I have to put up with dog faeces outside my front door when I dont own a dog? If dog owners/lovers dont want THEIR dogs faeces in their home, garden, on their doorstep, why should any one else have to put up with it. It gets on shoes,pram wheels, children slip in it because it's in the grass etc. Its disgusting. If people defacated in the streets there would be an outcry. I live by Old Town Cemetery and the people who seem to think they have a right to let their dogs defacate over GRAVES...just amazes me. It wouldnt happen in Barnstaple Crematorium grounds, or Bowden Green, Northam Cemetery; so why Old Town? Its disrespectful to the dead lying at rest, and a callus attitude. Old Town play area is used as a dog toilet and even the tarmaced play frame area is used and that has a fence and a gate.  Dogs are let to run in Victoria Park when the should be on a leash. Dogs get excited and bound at people and children, knocking them over and or dirtying clothing. Its NOT ON!  Excercise your dogs by all means, pick up after them and leash them when there are people around. The dog is not the problem....its the cretinous mentality of some irresponsible owners.  As for on the beaches, well I dont want to put my hands in baby nappy crap, nor dog crap...nor do I want them leaping over me when I'm sitting enjoying the scenery thanks.
Barry M
Thank you Heather and I do agree that this problem lies with a minority of dog"owners". The dog does not know better.
I'm with Neversaynever
Erica F
Thanks for all the comments left.

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