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Broken boiler

Can anyone recommend a good plumber to fix our boiler? We have no hot water or heating :-( thanks!


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Trevor A
I've used Honiton Plumbing & Heating, local company, polite, clean up & reasonable.
Patricia C
Just seen this plumber and here are his contact details Allan 07966711189 or 01404 44244. He says he's quite busy but worth a try.
Lisa D
Thanks very much for your help :-)
Elisabeth L
Mike Burridge is a very good plumber, totally recommend him, has sorted out our boiler and radiators many a time.  Telephone No 01297 20157.
Claire N
I've used mike burridge too. Robert tyres is Also excellent, his number is 07921824783.
Busy L
I would really recommend Robert Tyers - very professional - 01404 871322
Lisa D
Thanks for your help everyone! Plumber came yesterday and hopefully we'll be sorted by this evening. Washing my hair in the sink is not fun! :)

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