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bus stop butts green road

What fruit loop planned The new bus stop o/s Hornchurch hire.

The pavement has been extended into the road like a jetty with the painted bus stop extending out into the middle of the road.

Surely its gonna wreak havoc during busy periods of the day


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That is the reason its there .Buses are used to slow the traffic.At one time Buses had little lay byes to stop in but they complained that no one would let them out.So they started using buses to hold up and slow the traffic.Now you can be stuck behind a bus for a long time and a queue behind a mile long.Its road safety and traffic management.
Your transport leader and Boris in London.
Buses take priority in many road schemes look at the roads  now halved in width by a bus lane empty for most of the time while the rest queue in the lane left try travelling from Dovers corner to Dagenham east station any morning between 8am till 10am.
There is one and only one reason why it has been done there


It is to stop people parking outside the new Tesco , and blocking the bus stop.
Lynne T
I don't understand du the reasoning for simply slowing traffic down for the sake of it.
How exactly does that help anyone? What good is that to delivery drivers and people who need to get to work on time. Are you saying all this is down to Boris's decision?
No its a long term plan to deliver zero accidents.Traffic calming and slowing down of  traffic is a European dream.
Look at this weeks papers only over 19 year olds to have licences supply of black boxes for cars to enable road pricing.Look at the streets in Dagenham the road humps the chicanes look at Reade road its slowed right down by every trick in the book.
Boris is just one his cycle provision is to be extended out into the Boroughs and further plans are afoot to slow traffic and save lives.
The Heathway is a busy pedestrian area 20 mph is the limit and using buses as a rolling road block just one of many ways to ensure its kept that way.
The road by the station has even been narrowed to allow more pedestrians and less cars.
Jan W
Reasoning is simple Lynne it actually cuts down pollution.
Dee dee
its because of the new tescos that opened there, as they knew cars would park there and the buses wouldn't be able to serve it .... so they brought iut the pavement for buses to serve and they added a loading bay which some times the lorry cannit use due to cars using it to shop
Lynne T
For as long as I can remember my mother who was a driver in the WAF's told me when I first started to drive, always move up to top gear as quickly as possible for economy of fuel.
Nobody thought about the environment those days but on looking at WikiHow today it still agrees with this statement. Keep changing down to a lower a gear and you will use fuel twice as quickly therefore putting a bigger footprint on the world.
Roads that have humps down them constantly smell of fumes if you stand by them or even worse have your home adjacent to one. Keep changing down to a low gear to keep at the 20 mph limit will see your fuel bill quickly increasing. Perhaps that is the plan of the petrol companies lol.
Jan W
Done a little more research on this and have discovered the first result I investigated yesterday was not reliable written by a environmentalist. Other articles, in fact the majority state 20 mph zone would increase pollution. More worrying was the arguments that in a 20 mph zone drivers concentrate less and cause accidents. Need to research this further as to deaths caused at 20 and at 30 and the advantages of a 20 mph zone.
Keith M
So far I make Dee dee right this is the power of Tescos. Parking and unloading hits the nail right on the head.
It increases frustration, congestion and POLLUTION and now when I travel from Upminster to Romford via Wingletyre and Parkstone I will probably cut the corner ( Earnest and Burntwood I think thay are called ) anyway its gonna be another rat run.
The people in planning or highways need to live in the area .
Lynne T
Ahh well I do agree on that one Keith M. The unbelievable power of Tesco is changing the whole face of Havering and our council don't seem to have the gall to do anything about it.
Have also read that, so that Tesco's can push their selves into posher areas that might object to them, they are trying to sort out some franchise system so that they will buy up small shops in these quieter areas and open them as Tesco's  but under the cover of another name. Sneaky.
Clr  Starns works for Tesco Could be a reason
Lynne T
You could well be right Romfordian.
Raymond P
Tescos are going for world domination.
Tesco is the Biggest UK employer would you have the workers made redundant?
20 is plenty is your advice line.
Going fast in a low gear uses more fuel but 20 in third will give good economy and with electric vehicles 20mph wil give longer journies per charge.
No pollution with electric cars not at source in any case.

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