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i cant believe there was adults letting of a firework cake on a pubic path in ilford. a firework nearly hit my car thats how bad it was, i shouted out the window but i didnt want to open my window too much as one would of landed in my car


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Harold M
I believe the time has come when Fireworks should be banned in view of the risks caused to animals, and the elderly  and children.How many additional
accidents are caused putting pressure on casualty departments of local hospitals
Matthew G

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it's possible to actually answer all these otherwise rhetorical questions such as "how many additional accidents are caused".

60 seconds searching found this data (which is for Northern Ireland, rather than the whole UK, though I assume the same trends apply).

This shows that

  • hospital visits following firework-related injuries have reduced significantly over the last 15 years
  • around 40% of those visits resulted in no treatment being required (i.e. the injured party was just sent home)
  • only a tiny proportion of injuries were serious enough to warrant admission to hospital.
NI has a population of around 1.8M and there were 47 injuries in 2010.  So the chance of injury per capita per year is around 1 in 38,000.

However this article suggests that there were 388,000 sports related injuries requiring a visit to A&E in 2012 across the UK.  So the chance of sports injury per capita per year is 1 in 178.

You're two hundred times more likely to need to go to A&E because of a sports injury than because of fireworks.

Ban all sport at once!!
Matthew G
Another thought (sadly I can't back this up with any data!):

I expect that banning the sale of fireworks to the general public would result in an increase in injury rates, because people in the high risk demographics (teenage boys, basically) would then make their own and/or buy unlicensed and unsafe fireworks on the black market.
I think fireworks should be kept to organised displays only, they seem to be getting louder every year which petrifies my dog.
If it was just one day here & there then that wouldn't be so bad, but it seems to go on for too long.

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