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Derelict building

On Historic Ipswich (UK):

An old building near the waterfront in Ipswich which no one seems to remember what it was before it became derelict?

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Sentinel R inactive
I've always wanted that little house!
Chris M
I have lived in Ipswich for 29 years and its been derelict for all this time, but does anyone know when it was last used ?
James M

Says it was called The Sea Horse Inn but according to CAMRA

The Sea Horse was on Bank St not College St, and closed in 1977.

If you look at the Gallery page on the CAMRA link, you can see this building
right in the foreground left (compare gable and windows) and it looks like it was just an ordinary house.
Kathie J
Oh yes! It would be great if it could be renovated back to how it looked. Guess it would need someone with deep pockets!
Elaine D
Yes I have always loved the look of this house, and I would love to see inside! It needs moving back from that road though!
Reg S
Yes I have all. Ways admired the building often wondered if it was owned by British Oil Cake Mills. BOCM. There factory burnt down many years ago when my dad worked on the docks . Us kids would jump for joy if the barge was loaded with monkey nut or ground nut if you want to be P / c . Come rain or sun we would go down to the dock and then jump in to the hold so our Wellington woul fill up with nuts. Ha ha
Heather H
It is a lovely place it's a shame that it has got into such disrepair. I have been told that along that stretch from that place going up towards Stoke Bridge that there was a public house and some shops.

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