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Fireworks yet again

Nick W in Bawdsey
What is your opinion?

In November, and around New YEar, I make sure that if I go out, I leave loud music on in the house, so that my Golden Retriever is not upset by fireworks.  I am not a killjoy, and accept those times of year no matter how big and loud people's fireworks are.

However, I cannot be prepared for spurious fireworks at other times of year.

I came back from a Valentines meal out last night to find my dog upstairs (he never goes upstairs) and in a right state.  I couldn't work out why and found myself telling him off for being up there.

This morning, I found a massive spent multi-shot firework on the clifftop at Old Felixstowe, not 100 yards from my house.  The culprit had actually driven a car across the pavement onto the grass to let it off and escape fast.  I couldn't have known or expected this and hadn't left loud music on.

Isn't it about time that fioreworks were banned legally at all times outside of a 2 week period in November and New Years Eve?  It seems nowadays that not only can anyone buy any soze firework all year round, but they will use any excuse to let them off.

Like I say... I am NOT a killjoy and accept these at the right times of year.


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