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Tesco vs the Emperor Inn

Tesco is trying to move into the Emperor Inn on Norwich Road, and a large number of the community has been divided by this proposition. Some people are calling this move by Tesco unnecessary and an intrusion on a vibrant community hotspot. Others however are welcoming this proposal with open arms as it would provide them with a local Tesco for extra convenience and cheaper food. What do you think of this proposal and do you support or shun this offer from Tesco?

Who do you think deserves to win?
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S here
Why O why do we want another Tescos these mini Tesco are not cheap places to buy groceries and we have a coop 20 yards away a farm stores not 500 yards away So it seems Tesco is bullying its way into our lives removing another Social and people meeting place
Sally M
I live close by, and to call the emperor vibrant seems excessive, it always looks quiet when I go by, and has had 2 or3 changes of landlord in the last few years so obviously not a major success. although some nights it is certainly noisy especially in the summer, with music blaring and the doors open until well past midnight on weekdays, and shouting drunks in the streets.
I'm not sure I can see the need for a Tesco, but wouldn't be sad to see the pub go personally
Tim M
I live within 5 mins walk of the Emperor and have only ever been in there once .
The owner obviously want to sell it as i doesnt make them any money and Tesco want to buy it ... as sad as it would be for it to close i think it is a case of when it closes not if and if Tescos is blocked from opening  and it closes as a buy without a buyer then it will just lay empty and be of no use .. i am on the fence really as tesco would be useful and is probably going to happen anyway  but on the other hand if the pub could be brought and run welll and attarck people to it i think it would be an asset ... it is a pub with a car park it should be a gold mine .
Chris R
  1. We don't need another Tescos - we all know the're trying to' take over the world' and put other, smaller businesses in danger of closing.
Tim M
Chris R

I totally agree we dont need another Tesco and with the one going up on the former B&Q site we will have more than enough , But  if they are willing to take on another site and use surely that is better than a closed down pub ? i agree that if someone wants to make the pub a success it should stay but as i said before if the owner are no making money out of it why wouldnt they sell it to tesco ?
Marilyn E
How many more Tescos do we need?  Are they trying to take over the world?  After some of the accounts I have heard about conditions behind the scenes (straight from the mouth of one of their staff) they could put their money to better use by improving their existing shops and working on boosting staff morale.
Jayne M
Sainsburys in the Golden Key (which I'm fine with by the way) and Tesco in the Emperor (not local so don't have a view).  Both supermarkets selling alcohol.  Perhaps the supermarkets should include a bar to make the best of both worlds!
S here
someone did want to take it on but was out bidded by Tesco
Tim M
 S here 
Well that is very sd that there wa someone willing to take it on .. but if Tesco were able to outbid them surely the council had already made the decision to allow a change of use for the pub ? i dont actualy know if a shop and a pub come in the same catagory ( anyone know ?) i am interested to know how this plays out

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