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I have had a very irritating eye tic/twitch for about a month now any ideas on how to get rid of it?


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Christine B
When this happens to me it 's usually because I've been spending too much time doing close work - usually on the computer. Taking breaks and changing your length of focus for a while really helps. A cooling eye mask and a few early nights helps too and if you haven't had an eye test recently then try to arrange one just to make sure ally's ok.
Andrea W
Thanks Christine. I think you're right it seems to be worse since I bought an I pad. However I'm hooked on the I pad. Problem!
Christine B
I can identify with that! They're so easy to use, there's always more to discover!
Andy H inactive
Answer to problem ......

 What you need is an eye pad. Place the eye pad over the eye when using your i- pad. That way the eye that is affected by your i-pad is then protected from i-pad eye. you can get hese eye pads on the internet ......... use your i-pad !       sorry couldnt resist it,     have had a similar problem myself at times so i do understand how annoying it is. Hope you get it sorted.
Andrea W
Thanks ill give that try and let you know if it works for me

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