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Food event?

Does anyone know if there is a food festival or similar in the forum this Friday? I'm sure I read a mention of this somewhere.


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Karen T
Hi there, know someone who works there will try and find out for you ..depending if thay are about on fb...
Dee S
Thank you Karen, that would be kind of you. Dee S
Bibi L
Hi Dee S, there's a 'BUY LOCAL' event on @ the Forum on Friday from 9am - 5pm. I'll be there offering taster sessions of massage. There are also producers there with their goods. Hope to see you on Friday, come & say 'hi'. Bibi
Dee S
Thanks Bibi L I will look you up. Dee S
Karen T
Hi Dee friend just emailed me to say theres only  12 stalls there tomorrow due to the weather ..shes a manager up there ...but still worth a look if ur up the city ...
Dee S
Thank you Karen, I will see how the weather looks later, I hear that Norwich will be the coldest place in UK today!

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