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Easter Colouring Competition !

Hello All !

last week I posted about the new page I have started to try and help the town centre,
if you didnt sdee it please click the link :-

Well now I am here with Exciting news !
this week we have launched a Competition for kids and grown up's alike !

for more details please click the link to read all about... not forgetting the PRIZES !

Hope you will enter ! More the Merrier ! :0)
I'm with Craftmania


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James @ Craftmania
just a little update !

The sheets are now released and you can collect them from -

Craftmania King Street

A.B.Computers King Street

Blue Inc Market Gates

Hope your all going to enter :0)

If you have friends in Lowestoft they can take part in the one running there by collecting a sheet from -


Picture Studios

Coastal Computers
Sew Fabric

don't forget to check us out...
I'm with Craftmania

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