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Stella C

Female Lives in Claydon

Joined: 06 July 2016

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And its still not done!

Stella C in Claydon
I am curious to know if anyone else has had a problem with getting something done by the council in the local area, I asked for bushes to be cut down from in the middle of a bridle path/footpath back in June 2016, I have been passed from pillar to ... [ more ]

Rubbish dumping

Stella C in Claydon
Ok Scum-bag This is to the person that drove part the way down the no-through-rd off Claydon Church Lane in your car today at 13.42 to dump the contents of your plant pots in the ditch. You were seen, we have your details. You have until Monday 9am ... [ more ]
Stella C
We get absolutely fed up with it, they just think they can drive out here, just because its in the countryside and dump their rubbish, we get car stuff, household, freezers etc, but we have a good team watching and catching these scum-bags, we have ... [ more ]

The Old Rectory - Flint Wall

Stella C in Claydon
Apparently there is another application to move the driveway that will need even more of the old flint wall to be demolished. See this link I have always thought this wall was protected does anyone know how I could find that ... [ more ]
Stella C
Hi  I always thought it was protected, back in the 1960's when it was owned by Mr and Mrs Neilson (Eva Rosenstand Embroidery)  they could not do anything to the wall. One rule for one and another for another. It looks like they will be allowed to ... [ more ]
Stella C
Just to remind people that you only have until Dec 2nd to put your objection in to more of the wall being knocked down, I am surprised that although many people have commented on this piece of history being partly demolished, I have not sen any ... [ more ]

Farmers, bridleways and horses

Stella C in Claydon
Can we much wonder why farmers are anti-horse?? While walking the bridle paths from the Claydon Church Lane area yesterday, it noticed in 4 places where horse riders have gone out onto the planted fields, bearing in mind most of the bridle paths have ... [ more ]
Stella C
There are occasional times when it cannot be helped, if the horse gets spooked by a pheasant or similar, but sometimes I think it is just carelessness, people just don't seem to respect the countryside and basically it's the farmers livelihood,  there ... [ more ]

Bad Drivers

Bob F
in Common, The
Just like to say Orwell Bridge closure is no excuse for bad driving.This morning I had an appointment at the doctors surgery, on hearing the bridge was shut decided to walk into town.On trying to cross Valley road crossing, on the way in, motorist ... [ more ]
Stella C
I quite agree Bob, I have just returned from walking my dogs, I have to endure part of Claydon Church Lane to get to the bridle way/footpaths, I was met by a young driver in a 17 ton curtain-sider lorry, his lorry was as wide as the piece of lane I ... [ more ]

Horse tack theft

Stella C in Claydon
FYI Another tack theft last night, at a property on Claydon Church Lane, this happened at around 18.30-1900, I actually saw a car parked in the lay-by near the property when I drove past at 18.45, it was quite possibly a Ford Mondeo, there was no one ... [ more ]

total confusion

Stella C in Claydon
Does anyone know how to find Claydon's SNT ?? I have just spent the last half hour trying to find it, we are supposed to be able to find out information on it (I thought) found the bit that says find your area, put in your post code, done that, it ... [ more ]