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Derek F

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NW Ipswich Open Mic nights drop age limit by popular demand!

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The Meeting Place Community Centre, Limerick Close
North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
NWI BLT youth group Diversity 2 Unity are expanding their Open Mic nights to include older generations by popular demand. Following the success of this previously youth only event, NWI BLT received requests for the age limit to be raised. So, for a ... [ more ]

Felixstowe late night shopping

Derek F
in Barham
Just come back from the first of the four Friday  late night shopping nights at Felixstowe.  A bit quiet for the first one but the night was made by our ride on  a pedal powered rickshaw.  The 'driver' was a most personable chap called Ian and for the ... [ more ]


Michael L
in Whitton
it was great to read such positive comments about changes in Ipswich reported in the free edition of the Evening Star yesterday. It was also good to see yet another new shop in the centre of town and we had an excellent meal in Wagamuma last night, ... [ more ]
Derek F
Oh Pauline, how right you are.  Facts are facts with Norwich, not only Bury having an excellent Park and Ride service which has equated to a thriving and busy town.  Ipswich on the other hand closes down Park and Rides, equating to an empty and dull ... [ more ]

Local homes for (not so) local people...

in Darmsden
Just a note that MSDC have posted a new planning notice on the Heras fencing around the Chalk Hill Lane/ Chequers Rise/ Kingfisher Drive development. Planning application 0210/15 now changed to something else just in case you were tracking it and ... [ more ]
Derek F
I was told that the local council are indeed buying up property but only to house our refugee and migrant friends especially as we are told the council receive a premium for housing such.


Jean M
in Ipswich Town Centre
Can anyone recommend a reliable person to repoint the front of our house please?
Derek F
Been out walking the dog in Claydon and met a guy who was repointing a big wall on the main road. (always good to see a mans work!)  Had a chat and was very knowledgeable - had worked for large company but now works for himself - Dave Kelly 01603 ... [ more ]

The Arboretum

Derek F
I was at the Ipswich Art School in the late sixties and Les who ran the Arboretum pub opposite, was a real saint.  He would split a pack of Number 6 cigarettes for us - five for a shilling and would turn a blind eye to two or three of us sharing  a ... [ more ]

B & Q

Derek F
Went into B&Q this morning and overheard a conversation where the lady behind the 'returns' counter said they were no longer B&Q - couldn't quite catch the new name she said but it was one I had not heard of.........interesting!

Street Parking

Terry M
in Westbourne
Here's an interesting discussion. One that I read in a national Newspaper and I Quote Section 72 of the highways act 1835 states that it is a criminal offence to "Lead or Drive" a carriage of any description on any footpath set apart for the use of ... [ more ]
Derek F
The problem is that many houses were built before we became 1-2-3 car families but what really upsets me are the properties with huge brickweaved or cemented front gardens that park their vehicles on the road (often trade vans) because they won't or ... [ more ]
Derek F
Thanks Claire - sadly I think I would be wasting my time.  Here in Claydon, next to the Hungry Horse pub, a double yellow line was introduced opposite the pub car park (Church Lane) leading onto the main road, sensibly to keep traffic flowing ... [ more ]


in Upper Street
Hi can anyone recommend a plumber? I'm changing my kitchen so I'm looking to have a new sink and tap fitted but will be requiring this rather soon .
Derek F
Pleased you could recommend a plumber.  Most only want to do big jobs to justify their inflated fee - why do they think they should earn more than a doctor? My wife and I want a radiator fitted - it ain't rocket science but of course its a small job - ... [ more ]

New Years Eve c/w party

Derek F
in Castle Hill
We have two tickets to the Bri-Lins c/w club NYE dance with Kevin Barry that we can no longer use.  It is a bring your own food & drink dance. Tickets cost £9.00 each - no reasonable offer refused! Buyer would need to collect from Claydon.

Sony Mini Disc player

Derek F
in Castle Hill
Does anyone have, or know someone who has a Sony Mini Disc player they would like to sell? I live in Claydon and will travel to collect.

Broom Hill Swimming Pool.

Andrew T (The First) west ips
in Westerfield
It looks like Broom Hill might once again be open to the public, i heard on the radio today that they have secured some serious funding. A spokes person for the project has said that if all goes well the pool could be reopened in about 2 years. This ... [ more ]
Derek F
sadly the councl aren't interested in anything which benefits the ipswich residents - how anybody can close a park and ride and turn it into a used car lot is beyond me - knocking down two thirds of a multi storey car park??? Every other forward ... [ more ]
Derek F
Good grief - not half an hour after I made the above comments, I now learn that the B & Q at the Anglia Parkway site may close (see East Anglian Daily Times).  Of course, nothing to do with the close of the aforementioned Bury Rd  'Park & ... [ more ]

50's / 60's / 70's music

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Derek F
in Barham
BLACK KATZ duo featuring : Chris 'fender' Black (check out his website) and Rosie B. This is a great opportunity to see and meet one of the last rock'n'roll singers and characters of the fifties. Music ranges from rock'n'roll to country + classics ... [ more ]

Heath Road Hospital

Alec B
in Castle Hill
I visited  a patient in Heath Road Hospital today.  In spite of notices showing that smoking is prohibited in the buildings and the grounds, I passed thousands upon thousands of "dog-ends" littered around seating areas and by doors leading into the ... [ more ]
Derek F
Every comment absolutly right - I find it terrible that doctors etc who try to make us stop smoking do not lead by example.  I would like to take the debate further; we know that obesity causes diabetes, worn out knees, blindness etc but I recently ... [ more ]

Afternoon tea

Gillian M
in Westerfield
Can anyone recommend a good afternoon tea we have been to Tiptree at £12.50 which was very good but wondered if anyone knew of another good one. Thank you.
Derek F
Sadly my friends, Tilly's has closed.  We made a pilgrimage to it this year - it is still a tea room but not quite the same - a Pizza place is next door which was part of Tilly's I think.

Double glazing

Miriam K
in Westbourne
I am looking to have two windows replaced on the first and second floor does anybody know someone who is reliable and not too expensive?
Derek F
Used a company on Nacton Road - L & M Home Improvements - very good but having trouble in getting our certificate from them - do not appear to be certified!

Crown Street Car Park

Len G
in Whitton
Is an absolute disgrace! It's filthy and shoddy. Family no longer want to use the stairs as they are just filthy with litter and uncleared rubbish. What a greeting to visitors to the town! Chapplefield car park at Norwich by comparison is spotless. ... [ more ]
Derek F
Absolutely correct - I am Ipswich born and bred but I am getting ashamed of my home town.  Norwich added park and rides - we close one of ours down and make a right pigs ear of the remaing two.  Our town centre shopping area is becoming a joke - empty ... [ more ]

Driveway and windows

Derek F
in Barham
At last!  Having had so many so called tradesmen arriving at our property on horseback we are delighted to recomend "l & m home improvements" for superb brick weave drives and windows (tel: 01473 720136 or Lee on 07543 921778).  Lovely people - ... [ more ]


Mina in Ipswich Town Centre
Just finished volunteering at a charity shop in Meredith road and what do I see, a middle aged man stealing a wooden jewellery box that cost all of £2.50. WHY BOTHER?? Hang your head in shame whoever you are.
Derek F
I used to work part-time for a charity shop way back in the nineties.  The problem then was that the goods were donated and therefore did not in theory belong to the shop. If the manager ever saw stealing she would shame them and make them put the ... [ more ]

Reliable Builders

Teresa T
in Castle Hill
I'm looking to get some quotes for some building/alteration work to my house. I'm planning to use part of a large bedroom to change the use of it to shower room with sink and toilet facilities. Does anyone know of  good reliable builders?
Derek F
Buzz R - love your opening line - we recently moved into Claydon and I can certainly give you a long  list of tradesmen NOT to use - landscape gardeners / carpenter / electrician / plasterer / tiler & plumber from Great Blakenham (seriously bad)  ... [ more ]

Solar Panels

Marie R
in Warren Heath
We had a conversation about solar panels - one of us was considering having them. There was a really good programme on Don't Get Done, get Dom on BBC1 this morning. (Will be on the iPlayer). It covers some of what was discussed here with a really ... [ more ]
Derek F
We had  ayoung man come round - quoted £10k - wouldn't leave any info - wanted to close the deal then and there.  After he left I went on the internet and found several companies offering the same for half the money! Beware and do your homework.

paving slabs

in Sproughton
I am looking for used paving slabs any colour. 3ft by 2ft = 600mm by 900 mm. 2ft by 2ft =600 by 600 mm.  18 in by 18 in = 475mm by475mm. If any one has got an odd one or two they want rid of I can pick up. If any one has a quantity they wish to sell, ... [ more ]

Where can I buy a teacosy?

Tina in California
I am wanting to buy a tea cosy but it's near impossible in Ipswich. The couple I've seen are a bit feminine - want one for my Dad. Wish we still had the Co-op - could get everything in there, loads of choice too. Anyway, if anyone has seen any tea ... [ more ]


Marjorie C
in Whitton
Help , I  need local plumber, that wont charge the earth , as I have a leaking bath ,that floods the floor every time I have a shower..  any one in the Claydon area? 
Derek F
Also looking for a decent plumber - had several round to give quotes - either give quote and don't get back or just never get back to us - obviously earning too much money - steer clear of plumber in Great Blakenham!!
Derek F
We have just been phoning up for a free quote and take it from there - used to ask for telephone numbers of work they have done - if they seem hesitant about work they have done leave them alone!  Now try and used recommended tradesmen but that is a ... [ more ]