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Graham N

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Cycling in Whitecliff and Baiter - Part 2

Paul G
in Canford Cliffs
As the previous thread has now been closed due to inactivity in the last month (see previous conversations here): , I'm posting my final comments relating to this topic. I decided to contact ... [ more ]
Graham N
I used to walk my dogs along there, I still obviously walk them but have since moved so not there so much now. I hear lots of cyclist saying they don't see the dog walkers etc, but we don't see cyclists either. I would much rather hear the tinkle of a ... [ more ]
Graham N
Personally I'd rather hear a little tinkle of a bell than an irate cyclist because we didn't know he/she was there. If it's given in plenty of time there's no need for people to be startled by it. And if it's by a considerate cyclist riding at a ... [ more ]

Nosey Neighbours

David H
in Oakdale
Oh goodness, I must live next door to the worlds most nosey neighbours! I live quietly in my home in Dale Valley Rd. My home is council owned, my neighbours are privately owned. I have nothing to fear, I am a law abiding person and live quietly, ... [ more ]
Graham N
Id rather my neighbours made small talk with me than totally ignore me. You never know, maybe the small talk will turn into a lasting friendship and they'll invite you to the next local swingers association meeting :-)

Seized fuel injectors in a 1.9 Primastar van

Iminere in Poole Town Centre
Hello, I have a Nissan Primastar van (same as Vivaro and Trafic) which has the very common problem whereby the 1st cylinder fuel injector is seized solid.  I have tried everything I can to remove it, but it just won't budge. There are companies that ... [ more ]

Lidls car park hamworthy

Sharon A
in Upton
I'm not sure how many people know this, but I have notice a camera put in the Lidl car park with a notice saying that you cant stay for more than 2 hours, if you go over you will be fine £90.00,  which is fair enough no one needs to be there that ... [ more ]
Graham N
Angela G this is exactly why they are forced to do it. people taking the "p". Parking up and going to the train station (in Branksomes case), Upton Country Park and the train station in Hamworthy case ..... however as mentioned by Wayne above, these ... [ more ]

SCAM HMRC Reffund Email

Dominic L
in Lilliput
Beware of bogus email notifying you that you have a refund due abs directing you to fill out a form requesting your personal. Details so they can process the refund. HMRC After the last calculation of your fiscal activity, we have determined that ... [ more ]

Parents of gay children to meet on 4 June

to , (ended)
Colette H inactive in Hamworthy
Ricochet, the support group for parents of gay children in the southwest, will hold its monthly meeting in Hamworthy on Saturday 4 June and newcomers will be made very welcome. Both fathers and mothers from across the region attend the meetings, a ... [ more ]
Graham N
Forgive me, but why on earth does a parent need"support" because their son/daughter is gay???? There is no shame, no difference. If anyone doesn't like it..... Well, their opinion doesn't matter!

Park homes

Ann A
in Creekmoor
Open weekend at Organford Manor Park Home site, Sat/Sunday 10 2pm. (BH16 6ES}  Stunning show homes to view on a beautiful landscaped park with open views of the country side. I went viewing there on Thursday and thought it was the nicest site I'd ... [ more ]

free standing awning

Graham N
I bought mine from the place out on the Ringwood Road near St Leonards Hospital. They have a fantastic selection all displayed and reasonable prices. The other place is out in the garden centre on The Ringwood Road three Cross, another great selection ... [ more ]

Work experience ideas for my SN/ASD son?

Enieledam in Parkstone
Hi I was wondering if anyone has some ideas for me? I have an 18 year old Autistic son who is a lovely caring,polite super sensible lad with no behavioural issues. With the SN college course he does he needs to do some simple voluntary work experience ... [ more ]

Surveyors in field off upton house

Rob E
in Sterte
Does anyone know why there are red flags and surveyors in a field off the path going into upton house from Symes road , I hope they aren't going to build there and spoil it all
Graham N
SANGS can also be a way of preserving what is already there by giving a "suitable alternative natural green space" too, where the main attraction is potentially getting too busy with the possibility of harming that local attraction environment. I ... [ more ]

Scruffy grass verges and kerbs in upton

Tina W
in Upton
Am l just being old and grumpy ?..but once again the grass cutters have been out doing the grass verges..which l think they leave it an extra there's more grass that is left flung all over the place..they never clear it up..just leave it in ... [ more ]
Graham N
Laticia T the "last comment" was a joke. Tina asked if she had gone old and grumpy ... Maybe Upton has lost its sense of humour now the Greenridge has become a nightmare carpark? (at least it's better than the actual pub it took over), but I do think ... [ more ]
Graham N
Ken H lots seem to have very short memories of the state of the country when the Tories took over. Still, it will happen again ..... and again ...... and ..... well, you know the rest.
Graham N
Jean H now I agree with you here. Not really about whether they are untaxed or whatever, more that they are a danger on that bend. Coming down Seaview Rd towards Sandy Lane one has to drive blind onto a bend onto the oncoming side of the road to pass ... [ more ]

Dogs on the Beach

Ivor S inactive in Parkstone
It's May 1st . I was on the beach this morning & folks still had their dogs running wild (off leads) on the beach. Please stop it
Graham N
Id rather have a beach full of happy dogs than a beach full of BBQ's and snobs. As said above, the opinion of anyone who doesn't like dogs really doesn't matter to me.
Graham N
Dorothy   so what abut the used nappies left strewn across the beach? The old BBQ's, empty cans, broken bottles. USED NEEDLES???? These were not dropped by dogs!!!
Graham N
Wild Poet , sorry Wild Poet. i didnt read the whole thread. I just saw people blaming dogs and irresponsible owners for all that is wrong in the world. Narrow minded and short sighted sprung to mind.

Abseil for FREE! - The Spinnaker Tower

to , (ended)
The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth, PO1 3TT
Lewis-Manning Hospice in Poole Town Centre
Join us for an exhilarating abseil down the iconic Spinnaker Tower. Setting off from a platform 100m above the ground, you will have a breath taking view of Portsmouth harbour and beyond as you descend. Minimum sponsorship of £200 per person, a ... [ more ]
Graham N
Dominic  L it is FREE to the abseiler if they reach the minimum sponsorship ..... probably meaning that £25 of your sponsorship funds will be taken to pay for your drop. Whether that stops people from donating is debatable but I would rather my whole ... [ more ]

car parking

Graham N
I know I will get shot down in flames but this is a genuine question and there may be a completely acceptable reason but ...... why do people feel that being disabled should entitle them to free parking? I completely understand the parking bays closer ... [ more ]
Graham N
doesnt really answer the question does it? I actually have a brother with a blue badge, he has a bad knee, he is perfectly able to pay if the disabled bays are used up but he would rather drive back out of the car park and use the double yellow lines ... [ more ]
Graham N
Beverley R that had actually crossed my mind Beverley R ... and its is about the only reason I can think of. It doesnt necessarily ring true for the ones who will park further away to save paying (as in my example above). I have double yellows outside ... [ more ]
Graham N
Jayne J Im not showing a lack of compassion .... I am genuinely interested. In your example you suggest they are likely to be in the poverty bracket because of their inability to work .... the same apply to single parents but they dont get (nor ... [ more ]

Wonderful day for Poole

Susan H
in Oakdale
Today the results of the Poole Bid , have been released . Business ratepayer have voted to give to Poole 1.5% of their rateable value to support the town over a 5 year period . The town will benefit greatly , with general improvements to the town , ... [ more ]
Graham N
excellent scheme Susan, such a shame the businesses have to do it themselves but hopefully they will do a better job of regenerating Poole than the councils have done.

Ashley Cross - the "Hampstead" of Poole & Bournemouth

Ivor S inactive in Parkstone
is it true that "Hot" Foreign Wealth is looking to invest in Ashley Cross to develop it into a very upmarket area to facilitate the wealth already in the Sandbanks area
Graham N
it's full of wannabes at the moment. I used to live there when it was Lower Parkstone

20 MPH zones in the town centre

Andy H in Poole Town Centre
There is a proposal to extend the 20 MPH zones in both the Town Centre and in Heckford Park. This should be better for pedestrians and those on bikes, getting people in cars to recognise that they need to share the highway with others. The formal ... [ more ]

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Graham N
Peter H sadly I think you are wasting your time. Anyone who cannot see the advantage of 20mph against 30mph in certain built up areas is either stupid of just winding you up ..... and struggling to change speed perception when driving in a built up ... [ more ]

men and yoga (or any other fitness clubs)

Graham N
in Hamworthy
Im a 55 year old bloke who drives up to 7 hours a day on top of his work and its making me feel about 75. I need some stretching, movement motivation and exercise. Yoga looks perfect for me but every photograph on all their websites shows women. Do ... [ more ]
Graham N
I will be looking at Hamworthy Library once i get a chance. Many thanks everyone.

Poole Dolphin Centre

Kevin P
in Oakdale
Went into Poole at 9.30am this morning as i usually do on Sunday's with the wife.Tried to get into the Dolphin Multi Storey Car Park and got as far as barrier to find that it was closed.No notices or anything so had to reverse back down.How ... [ more ]
Graham N
think we're all psychic or maybe they just dont care ..... I'd go with the latter

Pressure water cleaner

Alison G
in Creekmoor
Not sure what the proper name is but does anyone know where I can borrow or rent (for a day) one of those high powered implements that wash garden slabs please?
Graham N
There are so many cheap ones available now its probably only the very big ones that are rented out. Have a look in almost any DIY/Garden centre and you'll find them from less than £50 upwards.

Broadband in BH15 area

in Sterte
hi has anyone got broadband with 'EE' in the hamworthy area? We are looking to change from sky and seeing what's available. Only need internet. Or BT would be another option for us.  Any recommendations appreciated, thanks
Graham N
all of them (apart from Virgin Media) use the BT network, BT cable, BT everything .... even the arrogant useless Openreach BT "engineers!"


Peter B
in Stanley Green
I see the council have put bollards on the small car park at Baiter, so the travelers have moved onto the main Baiter car park, they never thought they would do that!!
Graham N
I live down that way and last year the freeloaders were given about two weeks free parking and not a single parking ticket. The day they left I saw the yellow bellied coppers and parking wardens in force slapping tickets on cars in the car park. How ... [ more ]


Graham N
Ive got an oak one too Sue R, 600 X 250, still brand new and wrapped. I'm away for a few days but I'll check PM's when i get back. (This is for SueR).

Stolen Dog (Bichion Frise named Alfie)

Joan T
in Poole Town Centre
Stolen Dog. (Bichion Fise named Alfie)  I am hoping that posting this will help me find exactly where my Dog is now. I have condensed the story as much as possible. A Mrs Marie Robinson of HIghcliffe has for the past month been try to find a home ... [ more ]

Are there any Police about anymore?

Chris J
in Stanley Green
Two CBOs in the bus station at 3pm on Friday having a chat together, schools and college turn out and take over the bus station at 3.45pm, no sign of the CBOs. Large groups swearing, smoking and generally unruly, but no one in authority around. ... [ more ]
Graham N
Frank D I too live in Poole town centre and often walk down the high street to Sainsburys, Chip shop, quay etc and have absolutely NEVER been told not to look at anyone. Occasional rowdy groups outside Yates (as it was) but never any problems. Maybe ... [ more ]