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Claydon chippy

Local Conversations in Darmsden

Arthur C
What is peoples general view ot the chip shop in Claydon? I was recently told by the staff that I was rude , the only thing I done was called "hello" a couple of times as the counter was void of staff when I walked in. It took more than 15 Mins to get ... [ more ]
Can you phone ahead as you would for any other take away? Meredith Road chippy usually good, and frying new potatoes now. Had some yesterday, yum yum !!

Re Cap on Your point of view

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

I think that the reason that this debate was closed down was, we started to get too political and we brought other countries into the debate, when we should have been talking about the United Kingdom only, I to am not blame free, the good thing that it ... [ more ]
A couple of series ago, or maybe three, I think it was either the quarter or semi finals of Strictly Come Dancing, I posted a comment on Streetlife on the remaining dancers and who my money was on to win, thought it might generates a little light banter ... [ more ]
Re your first reply Tony O, at 11.15, you seem to miss the point, not what I had in mind. If you guys want to discuss political matters then find an online forum or start one up! I think you also miss the point regarding strictly, it wasn't meant to ... [ more ]
Well if the EU referendum isn't related to local community then I don't know what is really, after all, the outcome will affect us all, and some local discussion might even encourage a better turn out at the polling station. But what do I know, probably ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich, wider issues you ask, exactly the whole topic of this entire conversation, not always things related to the locality.

music day

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Jack D
So another year has gone by and once again the free music day at Christchurch park is here. So who's going, do you enjoy it?
Lighten up Kiwi C and Barbara C. Towns need events that bring people out and together, bet there was no violence, people just having a day out. Charlie L is right and traders have to pay for their stall space so that generates a bit of money. Music in ... [ more ]
Thanks Jean, and while I'm on my high horse will just add, it's not only people from Ipswich who go to the event, folk come from all over, so that as well must generate income for the town. Shopping in town beforehand and having food at local eateries ... [ more ]

Road mystery

Local Conversations in Castle Hill

Susan H
Can anyone advise me as to who I need to contact about maintenance to Thurleston Lane? In one of the passing places there are several massive potholes, I live in fear of meeting someone coming the other way who expects me to pull over into that area, it ... [ more ]

Broomhill Summer Fete

Clubs & Groups in Westerfield

Annie M
Our Summer Fete is on Saturday 4 July 12 - 4 pm, including bouncy castle, Punch & Judy, Face Painting, Craft Stalls, barbeque and entertainment by the Samba Band and Jitterbugs Dance Group.   The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Glen Chisholm will be ... [ more ]

car insurance

Local Conversations in Westbourne

All your friend has to do is contact her insurers and put your name on her insurance. Most companies don't charge for this now. I've got two named drivers on my insurance as well as myself but it does only cover them third party.

Pilates Demo - Suffolk Show Today

Local Conversations in Kesgrave

If anyone is at the Suffolk Show today I'll be teaching the Pilates demos at the Suffolk sports tent. Come for a free class. Times, 11-12, 13-14 + 15-16. See you there

What do you know about the history of Castle Hill Community Centre?

Local Conversations in Common, The

Castle Hill Community Centre
We were given this amazing photo of Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the last century. What do you know about the history of our building? It would be great to hear from you.  Thank you. ... [ more ]
In the 1950s during the time of the polio outbreak it was used by Whitton Primary School, the big rooms downstairs being used as classrooms. Not sure if this was for quarantine purposes or because the baby boom following the war meant the school wasn't ... [ more ]

Personalised teddies

Recommendations in Westerfield

Does anyone out there make or know of some one who makes personalised teddies ? A young friend of mine would like some personalised teddies made for her wedding in August. Don't know exactly what she wants, that would be for both parties to discuss.

lost dog

Lost & Found in Culpho

Tom C
hi all can any one help our german shepherd got out yesterday near the top of rose hill witnesham she answers to jess  . #if any one sees her can you please post thanks

Summer job wanted

Classifieds in Westerfield

Summer job wanted in Ipswich or nearby for female student home from university until September. Has retail and customer experience, also some admin and clerical experience. Polite, well spoken and hard working. Has own car so hours and location not a ... [ more ]

Whitehouse park

Local Conversations in Somersham

Good to see the Police have moved swiftly and decisively to remove so-called travellers from the park. Wonder if the skips are provided by council or themselves

Wildlife Area at Whitton Community Primary School

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

Community Team IBC
Attached are a few pictures from the wildlife area at Whitton CP School which is nearing completion. The North West Area Committee part funded this project along with funds from SCC & the North West Big Local Trust. Previously this area was ... [ more ]

Stowmarket Car Parks

Local Conversations in Thorney Green

David G
Having been back in England for over 1 year now, I must say my view on the paying car parks, I have been going for coffee every day at Spoons, the costs are £1 for 2 hour, during a year this means I have spent about £300 on car parks, and the other thing ... [ more ]

Aldi car park

Local Conversations in Westerfield

When parking in Meredith Road is at a premium, with many of the Aldi customers parking on Meredith Road and along Highfield Road because their car park isn't big enough to accommodate them, have Aldi got the cheek to use five of their parking bays to ... [ more ]
Not at all Watchful, I could see where you were coming from when I re-read my post. Didn't intend to sound so bombastic, but when I replied to you post I hadn't seen yours and Maria S's exchanges so didn't even realise you meant the bays at the front.

Laptop Repairs

Recommendations in Bramford

Luana B
Hello there, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone that repairs laptops? Mine got slower and slower and now it won't even turn on. Many thanks in advance!

Old Photos

Local Conversations in Henley

Not K
For those who have not seen them follow this link for some old photos of the area.
Thanks for the link Not K, I've just spent a pleasant half hour or so browsing Kindrid Spirits. My gran lived in Robeck Road in the 50s, so when my we visited my brother, cousins ans I would go to the Lairs in the summer. What a shame Pipers Vale has ... [ more ]

badley church

Local Conversations in Akenham

Denise H
hi does anybody here know if there are spirits at Badly church as I took my sister there yesterday and took some photos and we have really spooky images...things we cant explain....just curious...thanks Denise 
Very interesting pictures Denise, I can see figures in two of them, one was very obvious as soon as I clicked on the picture. There seems to be what looks like numbers scratched on the window in the first picture, can you remember seeing them?

Ginger cat

Local Conversations in Ipswich Town Centre

I hope if it's a lost cat that it has found it's way home, but it's not unusual to see cats wandering in Meredith Road, people live there above  the shops, and there are lots of houses very nearby.

Open Day

Classifieds in Prom and Beyond

MAR 08
to , (ended)
32 Kelvin Road, Ipswich, IP1 5EH
Prom and Beyond
Please feel free to come along to view our stock of nearly 300 dresses for Proms, Parties, Balls and Weddings. Entry to Prize Draw with every dress purchased. Also you can view  on   or ring 01473 371634. Thank you.
You have to pay for advertising Tee P so the money contributes to the running of Streetlife just as it does for newspapers and magazines !


Give, Lend & Borrow in Akenham

JAN 08
to (ended)
I have about 20 Suffolk Magazines, does anyone know an organisation, etc who would like them, or be able to use them ?

Ipswich people

Local Conversations in Gainsborough

Hi there, I have been living in Ipswich for three years now and yesterday a tourist asked me what Ipswich people are called. I realised I hadn't a clue... Can anyone help me please?
To save typing I have scanned and attached the first page of a book called 'The History of Ipswich, 1500 Years of triumph and Disaster' by Peter Bishop. It tells how the town was founded and possibly how it got it's name. The book goes on to give the ... [ more ]
Yes Cathy G., thank goodness there have been people around like Peter Bishop to research all this history and record it.

The Nine hour Wonder

Local Conversations in Claydon

Coming home from Northampton the car I was passenger  broke down called on the AA and asked for assistance at 11-15 hrs, was told that help would be with us in one and a half hours, and was told that they would keep us updated, they did call us back and ... [ more ]
What a disappointing experience Watchful. I have been with the AA for many years, and on the 'thankfully' few occasions I've had to use them found them very quick to arrive on the scene. Maybe because they give priority to women travelling on their own ... [ more ]

Christmas lights in Ipswich

Local Conversations in Westbourne

Natalie S
The controversial Ipswich Christmas tree will be switched on this Sunday - will you be there for the afternoon of festivities?
When I was a child there used to be a market inside the Corn Exchange, what we now call the town hall. I can only vaguely remember it, I think it was like a lower ground floor and the entrance was from the side, possibly Lion Street. I can remember ... [ more ]
Glad to hear it Citizen, I'm not terribly ancient either, I'm a late 1940's baby ! Great that you can remember the market, everyone else I asked couldn't, I was beginning to think I had dreamed it up. What's that part of the building used for now, do you ... [ more ]
Thanks, Citizen and OJM, I can remember the ceilings being very high, typical Victoian really, and all the fruit n veg on display. Of course, the Film Theatre, I hadn't thought about that, or the cafe.

car parking at Aldi, Meredith Road

Local Conversations in Westerfield

Sandie D
Hello everyone, This weekend I have received a Parking Charge notice for £70 for staying a few minutes over time at Aldi Store car park in Meredith Road. I believe this seems a little greedy and am curious to know if anyone else has been caught. The car ... [ more ]
Don't pay it, as above, treat it as an unsolicited invoice. And, certainly don't send them a copy of your bank statement, what a cheek ! The Aldi car park never was very big, but they reduced it to enlarge the store. Now half that shop there park in the ... [ more ]
Yes, but where it falls down Citizen is, you are clocked as you go in, but if you are unfortunate enough to have to wait in a queue for a space because it's so busy this counts as part of your time. Whereas in other car parks your time  will start after ... [ more ]