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Peter P in Castle Hill
Is there anyone out there who can decipher the attached autographed post card. It,s from 1938 and I want to know who it is. I've tried all possibilities I can think of but with no success.
If you don't have any luck put it on facebook if you can, more people will see it if you ask them to share.
I'm wondering if the last name cold be Blake or Blatt and the first name possibly beginning with an E. My mum used to do a similar capital E.

Aldi Meredith Road Car Park Overstay Charges

Robert R in White House
I've just received a demand for £70 for staying 25 minutes too long at Aldi in Meredith Road whilst shopping in the store. In case you don't know (and I didn't) the car park is run by Parking Eye and they photograph the numberplate of every vehicle as it ... [ more ]
My granddaughter got a ticket at MacDonald's in Lincoln for being there 1 hr 50 mins. Yes, you could argue that it doesn't take that long to eat a burger, but two young women having a catch up! And, the photo sent with the letter shows the car park is ... [ more ]

Aldi in Meredith Road

Mass R in Castle Hill
Can anyone throw any light on the rumour which is currently circulating that Aldi are planning to relocate to the.B&Q site when they close later this year ?
There are hard up people in Martlesham and Woodbridge Mass R, besides, the 'well heeled' as you call them are just as 'up' for a bargain as anyone else, probably more so, that's how they get 'well heeled'. There are usually plenty of up market cars in ... [ more ]
Totally agree with Citizen of Ipswich, and that bell, it's offensive, it really hurts my ears if I happen to be near that top right hand corner when it goes off. My daughter sometimes uses the Aldi on Felixstowe Road and says it's a much better standard ... [ more ]

Computer repairs

Christine R in Westerfield
I have a problem with my printer. Please can someone recommend a reputable computer engineer, who would come to my house to repair it. Thank you Christine
I have always found Penny Lane Computers on Dales Road to be very reliable and charge reasonable prices. If not, Wake Up PC on St Helen's Street are very good too.

Ipswich bus drivers

Jack D in Westbourne
Is it me or are the drivers on our ibc buses rude. Not even a thanks. Customer service at its worse sadly
I use the buses regularly, I'm always polite and thank the driver when I get off. On the whole I find the drivers to be helpful, and polite in responding to the thank yous from passengers getting off the bus. They must get fed up with saying 'thank you' ... [ more ]
Well a plain thank you is fine by me, or 'morning' or whatever, I would hate if the drivers started saying all that over the top American stuff like 'have a good day'. They are bus drivers after all! I can remember when buses had conductors, they did all ... [ more ]

New year

Quite agree Sheila O, you took the words out of my mouth! A good debate is very healthy and helpful, but too many on streetlife just moan, but what is more irritating is that none seem prepared to do anything about the thing they are moaning about ! Oh ... [ more ]

Driving the wrong way

Jack D in Westbourne
I work on Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate which is a one way system, but foolishly a certain company who will remain nameless takes a shortcut by driving the wrong way to gain quick entry to there company. This obviously is dangerous but they seem to ... [ more ]
It's up to you Jack D, as you work on the estate, to let us know if you notice an improvement in the situation !

Police cars

Rachel D in Castle Hill
I saw 4 police cars with blue lights going fast on Norwich rd this afternoon I've never seen 4 together in Ipswich.Anyone know what was going on?

Photo Restoration .... damaged faded photos brought back to life

Charles W in Castle Hill
if you have any old treasured photographs which have faded lost their colour, or even damaged, then I can possibly help using my photographic software which can restore photos and back to their original quality. And can put them onto CD or even print if ... [ more ]

Suffolk Retail Park

Angus M in Castle Hill
Went to the Range this afternoon, took 40 minutes to get out of the car park. It's always been slow, but now it seems to have got really bad. I don't know who is responsible for the roads, Ipswich borough or Suffolk CC, but someone needs to find a way of ... [ more ]

Muntjac Deer

Claire R in Akenham
I was exiting Sainsburys Hadleigh Road this evening when to my surprise i spotted a young muntjac deer. It was in the bushes where the statue is on the left hand side by the traffic lights. It ran out onto the path but then ran back into the bushes. ... [ more ]

shopping at ASDA

Philly57 in Ipswich Town Centre
If your going shopping at Asda, take cash with you as their card payment service is not working, is refusing to accept payment on all debit cards, causing long queues at the checkouts.
If supermarkets, especially Asda it seems, are such a chore to shop in why don't you start spending your money with small, local, independent traders, then you could all start moaning about what a chore it is having to wait in the queue to be served at ... [ more ]
Precisely Richard G, so everyone stop moaning about lack of service and cramped aisles, how do you think you get 'cheap'?
I've always found Asda staff to be very helpful and friendly, they are some of the best.

Broom Hill Swimming Pool.

Andrew T in Westerfield
It looks like Broom Hill might once again be open to the public, i heard on the radio today that they have secured some serious funding. A spokes person for the project has said that if all goes well the pool could be reopened in about 2 years. This id ... [ more ]
Ipswich Buses do all sorts of offers on fares Jean A, wouldn't like to quote any prices in case I'm wrong, but there are family tickets and all day tickets etc.
There are plans to bring it into the 21st century Rossi, do you think funding would be agreed if the whole project wasn't financially viable. So many pessimistic people on this site !

Sir Bobby Robson Bridge

Ipswich Lad in Rose Hill
I drove past the iconic Sir Bobby Robson Bridge today. What was once a beautiful elegant white structure is now covered with green slime and algae. What a terrible first impression that must give to visitors to our town. Surely the people in the ... [ more ]

Litter strewn streets

John W inactive in Westbourne
As a change from walking my dog in the park, sometimes I walk around Henley Road, Berners Street, Bedford Street, St Georges Street area of central Ipswich and I'm horrified at the amount of litter, it seems to be getting worse. The gutter in Henley Rd ... [ more ]
Queen Elizabeth 1st visited Ipswich and stayed at Christchurch Mansion way back in not sure the exact year it was. After a stroll around the town she apparently declared Ipswich to be a dirty place. So, nothing much changed there then!

Any St Mark's parents on here?

John B in Maidenhall
Hi - are there any St Mark's Primary School parents on here? Still trying to sort out my after-school childcare situation... Would welcome some advice from fellow parents at the school!
Unless your news feed already covers the area where the school is John B, you need to go to your profile and change your news feed settings, unless the school doesn't have a catchment area being a church school.

Closure of The Dales Pub

Brian S in Westbourne
The co-op rents out the Dales pub the landlord and lady have been given one months notice to terminate one the 31st August 2015. this means that they will be homeless and without a job and they have done such a great job over the last 5 year. Making the ... [ more ]
Why aren't you all making your feelings known directly to the Coop rather than on this site? I don't think they are on facebook but they are on Twitter, you can also contact them on the website
I suggested that yesterday Ed C., but I bet none of the above moaners have done it yet, they will just carry on moaning !! All they have to do is go to and click on contact in the top right corner !

Claydon chippy

Arthur C in Darmsden
What is peoples general view ot the chip shop in Claydon? I was recently told by the staff that I was rude , the only thing I done was called "hello" a couple of times as the counter was void of staff when I walked in. It took more than 15 Mins to get ... [ more ]
Can you phone ahead as you would for any other take away? Meredith Road chippy usually good, and frying new potatoes now. Had some yesterday, yum yum !!

Re Cap on Your point of view

Watchfull in Castle Hill
I think that the reason that this debate was closed down was, we started to get too political and we brought other countries into the debate, when we should have been talking about the United Kingdom only, I to am not blame free, the good thing that it ... [ more ]
A couple of series ago, or maybe three, I think it was either the quarter or semi finals of Strictly Come Dancing, I posted a comment on Streetlife on the remaining dancers and who my money was on to win, thought it might generates a little light banter ... [ more ]
Re your first reply Tony O, at 11.15, you seem to miss the point, not what I had in mind. If you guys want to discuss political matters then find an online forum or start one up! I think you also miss the point regarding strictly, it wasn't meant to ... [ more ]
Well if the EU referendum isn't related to local community then I don't know what is really, after all, the outcome will affect us all, and some local discussion might even encourage a better turn out at the polling station. But what do I know, probably ... [ more ]
Citizen of Ipswich, wider issues you ask, exactly the whole topic of this entire conversation, not always things related to the locality.

music day

Jack D in Westbourne
So another year has gone by and once again the free music day at Christchurch park is here. So who's going, do you enjoy it?
Lighten up Kiwi C and Barbara C. Towns need events that bring people out and together, bet there was no violence, people just having a day out. Charlie L is right and traders have to pay for their stall space so that generates a bit of money. Music in ... [ more ]
Thanks Jean, and while I'm on my high horse will just add, it's not only people from Ipswich who go to the event, folk come from all over, so that as well must generate income for the town. Shopping in town beforehand and having food at local eateries ... [ more ]

Road mystery

Susan H in Castle Hill
Can anyone advise me as to who I need to contact about maintenance to Thurleston Lane? In one of the passing places there are several massive potholes, I live in fear of meeting someone coming the other way who expects me to pull over into that area, it ... [ more ]

Broomhill Summer Fete

Annie M in Westerfield
Our Summer Fete is on Saturday 4 July 12 - 4 pm, including bouncy castle, Punch & Judy, Face Painting, Craft Stalls, barbeque and entertainment by the Samba Band and Jitterbugs Dance Group.   The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Glen Chisholm will be ... [ more ]

car insurance

Paulene M in Westbourne
Anyone know if I m covered for driving a friends car on my fully ? Thanks
All your friend has to do is contact her insurers and put your name on her insurance. Most companies don't charge for this now. I've got two named drivers on my insurance as well as myself but it does only cover them third party.

Pilates Demo - Suffolk Show Today

JazziPilates in Kesgrave
If anyone is at the Suffolk Show today I'll be teaching the Pilates demos at the Suffolk sports tent. Come for a free class. Times, 11-12, 13-14 + 15-16. See you there

What do you know about the history of Castle Hill Community Centre?

Castle Hill Community Centre in Common, The
We were given this amazing photo of Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road. This is what it looked like at the beginning of the last century. What do you know about the history of our building? It would be great to hear from you.  Thank you. ... [ more ]
In the 1950s during the time of the polio outbreak it was used by Whitton Primary School, the big rooms downstairs being used as classrooms. Not sure if this was for quarantine purposes or because the baby boom following the war meant the school wasn't ... [ more ]