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Communities Team at Ipswich Borough Council.

Here to offer a hand helping you with your local issues and providing information about upcoming local events and public meetings.

We're always looking for new ways to engage with the residents of Ipswich and get your views heard; if you have any suggestions, please get in touch.


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Mess left by bin men

Lynne M in Stoke
Considering the fines that are handed out for dropping a chip look what the bin men left outside my house this afternoon, I don't think it came out of my bin but I had to clear it up there were flies hanging around it yuk!!
Community Team IBC
Good morning Lynne M - can you tell me where abouts (which road) this is in please? Our waste team can then look into it for you, Many thanks, Peter Communities Team

Mayoral Opening of the New Whitehouse Park Skatepark

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Whitehouse Park, Norwich Road.
Community Team IBC in Akenham
We're pleased to invite you all to the opening & ribbon cutting of the new skatepark in Whitehouse Park. The Mayor of Ipswich, Cllr. Glen Chisholm will be in attendance from 11am on Saturday (31st October) to open the new park! We'd like to thank ... [ more ]

garden bench

Community Team IBC
Hi Stuart - Please drop us an email with a few more details (location etc.). This might be something that your local Area Committee can help with:

Come and raise community issues at the South East Area Committee

Community Team IBC in Gainsborough
The next South East Area Committee is tonight, 7pm at the Ipswich Priory Centre, 43 Queensway, Ipswich, IP3 9EX. You can download the agenda here:… You can follow our live Twitter feed & get ... [ more ]

Litter strewn streets

John W in Westbourne
As a change from walking my dog in the park, sometimes I walk around Henley Road, Berners Street, Bedford Street, St Georges Street area of central Ipswich and I'm horrified at the amount of litter, it seems to be getting worse. The gutter in Henley Rd ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
Good afternoon all, I've received the following info from the waste team here at IBC: "Any litterbins that have disappeared should be replaced; Missing bins can be reported to the Cleaner Ipswich Hotline, 01473 433000 or emailed to ... [ more ]

Skatepark for Whitehouse Park gets the go ahead!

Community Team IBC in Westerfield
Plans for a skatepark in Whitehouse Park have been approved by Council planners. The skatepark, which is supported by the North West Area Committee, will now be built by Wheelscape for the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust and the Sita Trust, who have ... [ more ]

holywells park

Community Team IBC
The other 3 Holywells Park outdoor films do have a cost associated with them.  You can find more details on the Ipswich Regent website:

Come along to the North West Area Committee!

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Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road, IP1 6DH
Community Team IBC in Ipswich Town Centre
If you live in Whitton, Whitehouse or Castle Hill, you can come and raise local issues at the North West Area Committee. This is a public meeting between residents, Councillors and the Police, and your opportunity to get involved. You can find the ... [ more ]

What are your priorities for NE Ipswich?

Community Team IBC in Warren Heath
Thanks to everyone who came along to the North East Area Committee last night. There was good public attendance before the meeting to discuss the priorities for the NEAC for the next year. You can view the current 'action plan' for the area on our ... [ more ]

Share your views on crime in Suffolk

Community Team IBC in Ipswich Town Centre
University Campus Suffolk (UCS) is working with police in Suffolk and Norfolk to understand the public’s perceptions of crime, anti-social behaviour and local policing services in their area. You can fill in their survey here: You ... [ more ]

Area Committee projects in May / June

Community Team IBC in Ipswich Town Centre
Here are a few of the projects funded by Area Committees in May / June: Central Area Committee: - Alley gates in Surrey/Sirdar Road to tackle anti-social behaviour. - Holiday at Home at Christ Church for local elderly residents. North West Area ... [ more ]

Get involved at your next Area Committee!

Community Team IBC in Ipswich Town Centre
The details for the next round of Area Committees are available; these are your opportunity as residents to have your say in your local area, raise local issues with your Ward Councillors, and hear priorities from the local Safer Neighbourhood Team ... [ more ]

Wildlife Area at Whitton Community Primary School

Community Team IBC in Ipswich Town Centre
Attached are a few pictures from the wildlife area at Whitton CP School which is nearing completion. The North West Area Committee part funded this project along with funds from SCC & the North West Big Local Trust. Previously this area was ... [ more ]

Easter holiday activities for young people in Ipswich

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
There are lots of sporting & craft activities going on over the Easter holidays for young people in Ipswich including basketball, football, arts & crafts, snorkeling, table tennis, archery & much more. Details can be found here: ... [ more ]

March Area Committees - Get involved in your community.

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
March's Area Committee dates and venues are now up on the website. These give you the opportunity as residents to share your views about your local area and to help influence where money is spent to improve your neighbourhood. You can get all the ... [ more ]

Have your say on Central Ipswich.

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
The next Central Area Committee is tomorrow night (18th) at 6:30pm in the Reg Driver Visitors Centre in Christchurch Park. This is your opportunity as residents to raise local issues and share your opinion  and suggest improvements for the area. On the ... [ more ]

Mobile Skatepark Event in Whitton

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Whitton Church Hall Car Park
Community Team IBC in Westerfield
We're running a mobile skatepark event on 22nd December for skaters, bmx & scooter riders in North West Ipswich. Come along, practice your skills and bring some ideas for the design of the skatepark in Whitehouse Park.

North West Ipswich Skate Park Consultation

Community Team IBC in Westerfield
The North West Area Committee, and North West BLT are currently working on proposals to provide a skate-park in Whitehouse Park, North West Ipswich. The proposal is in the design stage, and we would like to gain as many views as possible about the ... [ more ]

Fly-Tipping in South West Ipswich?

Community Team IBC in Copdock
The South West Area Committee has just under £5000 to spend on clear-ups for fly-tipping in South West Ipswich to improve the local area. If you see any fly-tipping, please comment below with specific location details and pictures if you can. Or send ... [ more ]

Broomhill Pool Restoration: Have Your Say!

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
Fusion Lifestyle, the company behind the restoration of Broomhill Pool, would like to gain your views on the pool and upcoming restoration ahead of their lottery bid. There are opportunities to get involved both online and at various events. You can ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
Thank-you all for the comments you've shared; I have passed them on to Fusion Lifestyles as a part of the consultation. If you haven't already, please do fill in the survey

What is the best way for you to share your views about local issues?

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
In order to engage more widely with Ipswich residents and get an understanding of some of the key issues in local areas, we would like to know which ways are best to gain these views. Let us know with the poll below. We will hopefully be running polls ... [ more ]

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Community Team IBC
Hi Watchfull - thank-you for pointing that out. I selected 'Around Ipswich' as the target area so my best guess is that the 'Around Whitton' and 'Around Gainsborough' options are slightly different, and more local areas, but hopefully still covered by ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
Hello all - our main work as a team is around the local Area Committees; there are 5 of these for the 5 areas of Ipswich. Councillors attend, and there is an opportunity for public questions, and usually the chance to have a chat with your Councillors ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
Hi Interested - That sounds like a good idea, I'll pass it on to the Area Chairs & other team members. We do already have surgeries/Q&A sessions before Area Committee meetings, but understandably not everyone can attend these, and they may be ... [ more ]

Do you want to get involved with a community allotment?

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
An area of disused land on Inverness Road in North East Ipswich has been cleared to create a community allotment. Students from Northgate High School came to the North East Area Committee in February to ask for money for this 'Incredible Edibles' ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
Maggs - Fencing off the entire area was discussed as a part of this project, however concerns were raised about accessibility, and it was decided that leaving it open would make it more accessible to those who want to use it. There are similar projects ... [ more ]

North West Area Committee: Broomhill Pool, Police Priorities & Other Local Issues

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Whitton Baptist Church, 209 Highfield Road, IP1 6DH
Community Team IBC in Akenham
You have the opportunity to voice you local concerns at the North West Area Committee this Thursday, 7pm at Whitton Baptist Church. There will be an opportunity for public discussion, the police will provide local priorities and there will be a ... [ more ]

North East Area Committee: Police priorities, Parking Enforcement & other local issues.

Community Team IBC in Stoke Park
Come along and have your say in the North East Area of Ipswich tonight at 7:30pm, St John's Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road, IP4 4QE. There will be an opportunity before the meeting at 7pm to discuss local issues with you Councillors and set out the ... [ more ]

Deadly Nightshade

Sue B in Stoke
If anyone is out with small children in Badshah Avenue, walk on the side where the houses are, as the Council seem to be cultivating enormous deadly nightshade plants in the fenced off nature area on the other side, complete with berries, well within ... [ more ]
Community Team IBC
If you could send over some specific location details of where you have seen the deadly nightshade plant to This will help the parks team deal with the problem.
Community Team IBC
Good morning, I have received information from O J M and Sue B and passed it on to the parks team; I will keep you updated on the progress of this, You are correct, and that is a mistake on my part - it is meant to be with the ... [ more ]