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Reminder-NW Ipswich Area Committee Community Meeting tonight!

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
in North West Ipswich Big Local Trust
Have you something you would like to raise with Council. Police or us? Here is another chance. Its the IBC Area Committee Community meeting tonight at 7pm. Come along, you're likely to see others that you know! It's being held at the Suffolk Deaf ... [ more ]

Ipswich Cornhill

Joanna A in Ipswich Town Centre
During the week or two around Christmas I had to visit Ipswich town centre a couple of times. Here are a few pictures of the Cornhill during that period..... the peak shopping period around Christmas. Why isn't this situation sorted out? This is the ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Of course, the plan to pedestrianise and extend the market into Queen St is underway, which should improve things.  And the overhaul of the Cornhill.  Meanwhile, we should maybe pause to welcome the dozens of new shops (including many independents) ... [ more ]
Hugh W
There might be stuff to complain about (the market is not great, and, errr.... not much else tbh), but it's nice to see this thread take such a positive turn.  I've lived in a number of places, mostly larger cities, but have been here for 17 years ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Iain - yes, there are a lot of complex factors, and the demographic and relative low pay / low cost nature of the local economy is relevant.  I don't disagree with any of your observations, and merely note that it is a difficult job to turn around a ... [ more ]

What to do about scummy behaviour

Gruffalo in White House
What is it with 'some' sections of the community that they think it's acceptable to sit with music blaring full blast from their stationary vehicles whilst they dump their empty bottles and crap from the inside of the same into the gutter!! Does ... [ more ]
Hugh W
As others have said, it is important that it is reported.  Otherwise.... nothing.  Ipswich Borough Council website is the easiest way.  The reporting page is here: ... [ more ]

Ashcroft Lane

Jean A
in Westbourne
The verges in Ashcroft Lane were cut yesterday - Tuesday 13 September for the first time this year.   Perhaps someone at whatever Council is responsible for this lane read our comments about it being overgrown and in need to attention. 
Hugh W
... and remember that problems with potholes, hedges, pavements, street lighting, etc, you can report direct to Suffolk County Council through the 'Report' link here: To report problems to Ipswich Borough Council (dog ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Jean A - One of the confusions of the two-Council system! I believe that grass/hedge cutting  is the responsibility of Suffolk CC, but IBC carries it out on their behalf in Ipswich. So you could reasonably contact (or complain to) either or both of them.

How to report a problem

Barbara in Ipswich Town Centre
Many of you may be aware of this site - but I thought I would post it for those of you who are not. Just log the postcode and the details of the problem you are reporting and this will be sent straight through to your local council. Might be useful? ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Or for potholes, hedges, pavements, street lighting, etc, report direct to Suffolk County Council through the 'Report' link here:

Bramford Lane Allotments.

Mandy F
in Westbourne
Alot of sheds have been broken into probably yesterday morning, mine included in Bramford Lane again, tools taken and door broken..wish something could be done.
Hugh W
As advised above - always report it to the police.  Even if there is little likelihood of solving any particular case, it is important that the police are aware so that they can identify patterns, be aware of the scale of the problem, and over time ... [ more ]

Northern Bypass for Ipswich

in Castle Hill
It has be suggested that we bring this subject up again--can we have your views on this and the reason why--if the Orwell bridge shut down the Valley road gets grid locked--if the big expansion comes about North of Westerfield--it will get worst--I ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Watchfull… Councillor Hugh Whittall here. Apologies (in public) for my slow response to your email, which I am happy for you to share with others as you have suggested. But let me give the gist of it now, with a few other comments (speaking for myself ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Just for information.... someone mentioned a planned new tunnel connecting Essex and Kent.  Highways England recently announced the plans for this multi-billion £ scheme, to alleviate pressure on the M25 and Dartford Crossing. It is out to public ... [ more ]
Hugh W
I don't know how likely it is that SCC will reinstate the Bury Road Park and Ride when they are already planning to close the Copdock one. But I'm sure it is worth everyone letting them know what they think, both directly and via Kathy. There is ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Those last two comments from Watchful and MartinC. Just about sum up where we are....
Hugh W
Any developer at the Northern Fringe will have to deal with sewage and roads. They will need specific planning permission from IBC which they will not get unless they show that those elements, along with others, have been adequately addressed.
Hugh W
As I mentioned in an earlier post, IBC will require detailed plans as to infrastructure, travel, etc before giving planning permission for specific development.  At present they have simply identified it as an area for development, subject to ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Errr... Interested..... I think you just presented a large part of the case for the bypass....
Hugh W
Hugh W
Hi.  I think the Wet Dock Crossing announcement is to be welcomed.  It will provide relief to some roads through town, provide economic stimulus, and make it easier to develop the link between the waterfront and town centre.   What is does not do is ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Watchfull - you ask where Dr Dan is on this.  Well, perhaps we can try to imagine.... does he favour the needs of Ipswich when most of his constituency is outside it? Does this put him in conflict with his Party colleague Mr Gummer.....?


Peter P
in Castle Hill
Is there anyone out there who can decipher the attached autographed post card. It,s from 1938 and I want to know who it is. I've tried all possibilities I can think of but with no success.
Hugh W
Edgar Blatt. Lyricist, then worked for the BBCs international service, and later on Dick Barton. :-)
Hugh W
The starting point was that he was either involved with the Broadcasting Co and/or Radio Normandy, and his initials were EB - something Blake, Black or Blatt.  So I looked up boys names beginning with E and looked again at the signature to see what ... [ more ]

Death in Ipswich

Ipswich Star in Westbourne
A sad announcement today, a man has died after being in collision with a lorry at Ransomes Europark. Our thoughts go out to the family, and his colleagues.  ... [ more ]
Hugh W
Every death and injury is terrible, and tragic for those involved.  But the UK actually has the best (ie lowest) record in the world for road deaths, except for only Sweden, Micronesia and San Marino, as measured by fatalities per 100,000 population ... [ more ]

I'm looking to book a cheap hall with bar and a caterer buffet food some where not to far from whitton estate

Amanda b
in Ipswich Town Centre
Hi all its my partners 40th this year so I'm looking to hire a hall with bar will also need a disco and a caterer for buffet money tight so must be reasonably priced

Castle Hill & Whitton 20mph Speed Limit Proposal

Castle Hill Community Centre in Common, The
Suffolk County Council is proposing a 20mph Speed Limit scheme for Whitton and Castle Hill. There is a display at Castle Hill Community Centre, Highfield Road, Ipswich, IP1 6DG with all the information about this proposal. There is also a ... [ more ]
Hugh W
There's an article about it in the Star today.....